My Sassy ‘Crown Princess’

Chapter 28 - Stunning Everyone with an Article

Chapter 28: Stunning Everyone with an Article

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

Yan Chen blinked his eyes and asked Mo Fei out of curiosity, “Mo Fei, the examiner of interstellar literature of our elite class is my husband. How did you write your essay? How could you only get 23 points?”

Mo Fei smiled awkwardly, “I just wrote what was on my mind.”

Yan Chen held his chin with his hands, “I only got 47 points and my Chenchen was already super pissed off. But when he found that you only got 23 points, less than half of my score, he immediately turned happy.”

Mo Fei forced a smile. Young man, it’s not right to rub salt onto other’s wound.

At this time a hot female teacher walked in. She scanned those students coldly and said flatly, “In this class, we’re gonna appreciate an article written by Mo Fei.”

Then the sweet sweet sound of the teacher was resounding in the whole classroom, while Mo Fei wore a bitter face, thinking, “dear teacher, don’t you know to respect other’s privacy?”

“Title: My husband!

He has a pair of big eyes and bushy eyebrows. He looks quite real when he is bluffing.

He has a small mouth with red lips. When he talks, it makes one want to die.

When I call him Prince Yu gently and affectionately,

he always answers with a hum blandly.

My husband is called Lou Yu, the third prince of the empire. People all say that I am not good enough for him. But as for me, I don’t think I am that bad. Of course, he is the prince anyway, so I will try my best to deserve him!

If I can use an animal to describe him, I think he is a turkey.

Every time I see him, he’d spit fire at me somehow or other. I think he is extremely, specially and unbelievably irritable.

And I heard that someone irritable won’t live long.

But don’t you think that I am cursing him. How could I curse him? If he passes away, I am the one who is gonna live in widowhood.

If I can describe him with a flower, I think he is a vileplume.

You can only appreciate it from afar. But if you observe closely…you’d be so dead!

Before I knew about him, I thought he should be a short-spoken person.

But after I know about him, I find that he is as talktive as the granny downstairs at my home.

But fortunately he is not so unapproachable as I imagined. And he is chatterbox.

Pity that granny always praise me while he always scolds me.

As for the virtues, um, he is loud, and his fists are very powerful. People say that he has a lot of virtues, sorry, I just haven’t found any.

About his defects, a lot of people told me he is a flawless man, but I think they are not telling the truth. No one is perfect, including him.”

In my eyes, he has too many defects, petty, stingy, ill-tempered, ungraceful, shameless, as blind as a bat, and unreasonable…


“This article is total bullshit. The metaphors are neither fish nor fowl. Did you learn your interstellar literature from your math teacher? Mo Fei, is this really Prince Yu? You are bringing shame on Prince Yu. This is total slander.”

Mo Fei, “…” She really had a bad taste.

Seeing Mo Fei’s eyes darkened, Yan Chen comforted him, “Mo Fei, don’t be sad. Actually I think your article is not bad.”

Mo Fei’s eyes immediately shone, “Young man, you have a good taste. People who know how to appreciate good stuff like you are hard to fine.”

Yan Chen smiled shyly, “You flatter me.”

Mo Fei toughened his scalp to finish all the classes of the first day and then took a bus to Prince Yu’s manor with Mo Yi.

“Young master, your article is published on the campus network of the Imperial College.” said Mo Yi.

Mo Fei raised his eyebrows, “Really? How are people’s reactions?”

Mo Yi, “312 people gave it a like.”

Mo Fei, “The mass’ eyes are bright.”

Mo Yi, “But 21,362 people gave it a dislike.”

Mo Fei, “The truth is always in the hand of the minority.”

Mo Yi, “Young master, we are home.”

Mo Fei, “then let’s get off.”

Mo Fei stood before the entrance of the manor, “Why do I feel a little cold down my spine.”

Mo Yi blinked, “Maybe the weather is getting cold.”

Su Rong then came out. When he saw them, he put on a very bright smile.

“Lord Mo, you are back.” said Su Rong.

Mo Fei nodded, “Yeah, I’m back.”

Su Rong then nodded, “Get in. The prince has been waiting for you.”

Mo Fei forced a smile, “What? Why is he waiting for me? My heart is beating fast to let such a big figure wait for me.”

Su Rong smiled, “Then you may walk faster.”

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