My Sassy ‘Crown Princess’

Chapter 17 - Betrothal Presents

Chapter 17: Betrothal Presents

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

“Mother, how could father give Skyriver to that son of bitch? You promised to leave it to me!” said Mo Yuwei indignantly.

Lin Xi said grumpily, “Do you think I wanted that? But, it’s Prince Yu! Your father has no choice.”

Mo Yuwei pulled her face and said sullenly, “He isn’t good enough for Prince Yu in every way. He has been engaged with the prince, but he is still flirting with Ouyang Qi!”

Lin Xi gritted her teeth, “That skittish son of bitch!”

“Mother, actually…what about I replace Mo Fei to marry Prince Yu?” suggested Mo Yuwei.

Lin Xi’s face darkened, “Their marriage has been arranged by the Imperial Consort. No one can change it.”

Mo Yi moved by the ear of Mo Fei and whispered a lot, blahblahblah…

Mo Fei’s eyes suddenly shone, “You mean that old man is handing Skyriver over to me?”

Mo Yi nodded, “Yes, exactly!”

Mo Fei rubbed his chin, “That old man still has a little consciousness. Though that company has been losing money all year round, at least it’s a company.”

Mo Yi nodded, “It’s for Prince Yu’s sake, I heard.”

Mo Fei smiled with his brows raised, “Told ya. Prince Yu actually is way better that Ouyang Qi. Forget about other things, even Prince Yu’s face is much more worthy that Ouyang’s.” Mo Fei thought, if the one he was going to marry was not Prince Yu, Lin Xi the bitch would definitely kick him out empty handed.”

“Right! Prince Yu is much more handsome than Ouyang Qi.” sucked up Mo Yi.

Mo Fei said while rubbing his own face, “If I were as handsome as Prince Yu, I would make a living by prostitution, and I will be super rich!”

Bang! The door got kicked open.

Mo Fei and Mo Yi raised their heads at the same time and looked at the man at the door.

Seeing Lou Yu’s sullen face, Mo Fei immediately put on a shining smile, “Prince Yu! What brings you here? We were talking about you…in a nice way…I mean.”

“In a nice way? To make money by selling my body?” questioned Lou Yu coldly.

Mo Fei forced a smile, “Actually I was trying to say you look handsome.”

Lou Yu took out a suite from his Space Ring and threw it at Mo Fei, “Here! The wedding costume! Three days later, the wedding car will come pick you up.”

Lou Yu cast a glance at Mo Fei scornfully, snorted and then walked away.

Mo Fei, “…”

Mo Yi watched Liu Yu fade away and frowned, “Young master, Prince Yu just left like that? He even didn’t take a seat.”

Mo Fei sneered, “Good for him! Even if he stays, I wouldn’t treat him to dinner!”

Mo Yi, “…”

Not long after Prince Yu left, the whole Mo Family got into a total chaos.

Lin Xi looked that box of level 1 Star Herbs, furious, “My lord, this is unbearable! This is humiliating! He is the prince! He’s only sent a box of level 1 Star Grass as the betrothal gifts? Is he trying to insult us?”

For ordinary people, level 1 Star Herbs may be valuable enough. But for a big family like them, it was nothing at all. This box of Star Herbs was only worthy of 20 to 30 thousand star coins at most. Did Prince Yu take them as beggars?

Mo Yang frowned, “This marriage has been arranged by the Imperial Consort. I guess Prince Yu also isn’t satisfied with it. So he has sent such little betrothal gifts to show his discontent!”

Lin Xi waved her handkerchief, “It’s all Mo Fei’s fault. If he could have been married earlier, it wouldn’t end up like this.”

Mo Yang nodded, “I guess so!” It’d be a good thing if Prince Yu could take a shelter for him after they get married. But the thing is Prince Yu doesn’t care about Mo Fei at all.


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