My Sassy ‘Crown Princess’

Chapter 16 - Dowry

Chapter 16: Dowry

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

Suddenly Lou Yu’s comlink rang. When Lou Yu saw the message, there was kind of warm feeling in his eyes.

Su Rong looked at him, asking, “My prince, who is it?”

“My grandpa. He asked me to see him.” said Lou Yu.

On hearing that, Su Rong’s expression immediately loosened up. Lou Yu’s grandpa Ji Anguo was Lou Yu’s biggest backstage supporter. If he hadn’t suffered from the sequelae after having gotten badly injured in a war, it would never be the Imperial Consort’s turn to be in power. Though the old general got badly injured, he still had his remaining influence. Otherwise, the Imperial Consort would have gone even further.

Lou Yu frowned, thinking, “He asked me to his place at this time. It should be about my marriage stuff.”

Once Lou Yu stepped into the general’s mansion, he saw a green old man.

“You are here.” said Ji Anguo with his hands clasped behind the back.

Lou Yu nodded, “Yeah. Grandpa, are you all right?”

Ji Anguo pretended to be angry, “Isn’t it obvious?”

Lou Yu smiled awkwardly, “Grandpa, I’m glad you are all right.”

Ji Anguo looked at Lou Yu, showing kind of concerns in his eyes, “I heard that woman has set you up with someone who has been backed out of marriage 17 times and even is pregnant. That woman has gone too far. She just wants to humiliate you!”

Lou Yu smiled gently, “Grandpa, don’t be angry. Actually that person is kind of good.”

Ji Anguo felt kind of weird since Lou Yu wasn’t so disgusted with that person, “Kind of good? So you have already met each other?”

Lou Yu nodded, “Yeah. I think we kinda quite hit it off.”

Ji Anguo looked at Lou Yu surprisingly, “As long as you like.”

Lou Yu forced a smile, “Yeah, I think that person is good.”

Now Ji Anguo smiled with contentment, “That person should be extremely good since that person even got my grandson’s approving.”

Lou Yu smiled awkwardly, thinking, “Extremely good? Hell no!”

At Mo Family

“Young master, great news, great new!” Mo Yi rushed in.

Mo Fei asked with his eyebrows raised, “What great news?”

“You and Prince Yu’s marriage has been nailed. The imperial family has officially issued the announcement. Young master, you know what that means?”

After thinking carefully for some time, Mo Fei answered, “That means the hot chicks who want to take me down on Star website has tripled, or even more. To be cared about by beautiful women is a pleasant thing. But to be cursed to die by so many beautiful women is a pretty sad thing!”

On seeing Mo Fei’s sad expression, Mo Yi tried to comfort him, “Young master, don’t be so negative. There would be beautiful women out there wishing you and Prince Yu grow old together.”

Mo Fei glared at Mo Yi coldly, “I don’t need them to wish me and that penny pincher to grow old together. I want them to throw themselves on me!”

Mo Yi then blinked the eyes, thinking, “That’s kind of too difficult.”

In Mo Yang’s study

Lin Xi frowned, and complained while looking at Mo Yang, “You want to offer Skyriver Company as Mo Fei’s dowry?”

Mo Yang nodded, “Yes.”

Skyriver was a small company developing potions under the name of Mo Family. Since the price of potions had kept all-time high, Mo Yang also wanted to have a finger in the pie.

Pity that the prescriptions were in the hands of those big companies. The medicinal herbs were very expensive, plus the last few pharmacists Mo Yang had hired all had grandiose aims but puny abilities. Since Skyriver had been established, it had only developed some little-used lower potions and been losing money every year.

Lin Xie frowned. Skyriver had been losing money every year, but they had input quite a lot of money into it. It could be sold at the price of seven or eight million at least.

“But we have invested too much into it!” Said Lin Xi.

Mo Yang nodded, “I know. But Mo Fei is going to marry Prince Yu! How can we let him marry the prince empty-handed? That’s an insult to the prince!”

Lin Xi hesitated, “But I heard Prince Yu is not the favored one. Otherwise the Imperial Consort wouldn’t betroth our son to him.”

Mo Yang heaved a sigh slightly, “I know, but even if Prince Yu is not the favored one, he is the one we cannot afford to offend. Besides, the one behind Prince Yu is General Ji Anguo!” Ji Anguo had made great military exploits for the country. His hands were full of blood!

Lin Xi clenched her hands tightly, with all discontent in her eyes. She had always wanted to embarrass Mo Fei. But in the end, by the stroke of luck, that jerk was going to marry Prince Yu and Mo Yang even meant to offer a company as his dowry!

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