My Sassy ‘Crown Princess’

Chapter 18 - Cheap Betrothal Gifts

Chapter 18: Cheap Betrothal Gifts

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

While Mo Fei and Mo Yi were eating by the table, the door got kicked open.

Mo Fei looked at the arrogant Mo Yuwei, with his eyes staring at the earrings on her ears, necklace on her neck and bracelet around her wrist.

Mo Yuwei snorted, “Have you seen enough?”

Mo Fei put on a coy smile, “It’d never be enough!” Those were all good stuff! Worth a lot! The most worthy thing was the necklace on Mo Yufei’s neck, with one level 3 star core. A good thing!

“Damn you!” complained Mo Yuwei on noticing Mo Fei was staring at her breasts.

“Sister, what do you want from me?” asked Mo Fei.

Mo Yuwei looked at Mo Fei with distain, “Mo Fei, don’t think you’ll have a meteoric rise after getting married with Prince Yu. Do you know what betrothal gifts he sent today? Just a bunch of trashy level 1 Star Herbs! He only takes you as a beggar! Just wait to sit on the cold stool after you get married!”

Mo Fei frowned, thinking, “Prince Yu isn’t averagely stingy! Doesn’t he feel ashamed as a prince?”

Mo Fei blinked, looking at Mo Yuwei innocently.

Looking at his dull face, Mo Yufei snorted and walked away.

Watching Mo Yuwei leave, Mo Fei said, “Mo Yi, see? Yuwei and that cocky Prince Yu share the same rotten taste. They would make a perfect match!”

Mo Yi rested his chin in his hands, “Yeah!”

Mo Fei then shook his head, “What a shame! No one fixes up such a perfect match, while I have to marry that Prince Yu…”

Mo Yi looked a little worried, “Young master, since Prince Yu is so petty, I’m afraid our days there won’t be good.”

Mo Fei nodded, “Yes, you are right. We should figure it out.”

Mo Yi looked quite serious, “Yeah! If we don’t make a plan earlier, Prince Yu would starve us to death, I’m afraid. I heard the price in the imperial capital is very high!”

Mo Fei’s face turned pale with fright, “Yes, yes. As handsome and cheesy as I am, it’d be a shame to be starved to death.”

Mo Yi nodded, “Yes, yes, young master, you have to figure it out!”

Mo Fei rubbed his chin, saying, “Let’s go check his betrothal gifts. I’m afraid my dad won’t want them. So I can take them.”

Mo Yi nodded, “OK. I’ll go to see whether I can sneak them out.”

Mo Fei narrowed his eyes, thinking, “Prince Yu is kind of not bad. If he sends some valuable things, my dad and that damn woman would appropriate to themselves. And now it’s only some cheap stuff, so I could have a chance to take them.”

Later Mo Yi took the whole box of medicinal herbs to his place.

Mo Fei squatted beside the box. After checking, he shook his head, “So many herbs all belong to level 1. Not even a level 2.”

Mo Yi smiled, “Anyway it’s better than nothing.”

Mo Fei nodded. During the past year since his transmigration, he had kept cultivating his star power. Pity he had made very slow progress due to his weak body. He had not even advanced to level 1 star magician. Mo Fei also had ever thought to cultivate with the help of potions. Pity that he had always been cash-strapped, plus he had to deal with so many fiancés. He really had no extra energy.

Mo Fei narrowed his eyes, thinking, “I have to strengthen my power quickly. Otherwise, if I get involved into the fight of the imperial family, I’d be dead meat.”

All this year he had been practicing Wanmu Sutra Formula for his body conditioning, so his physical quality had improved a lot. With the help of potions, it wouldn’t be a hard thing to become a level 1 star magician. Mo Fei glanced at the level 1 Star Herbs in the box, with his lips curled up. Although Prince Yu only sent some level 1 Star Herbs, they nearly covered all kinds.

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