My Sassy ‘Crown Princess’

Chapter 13 - So-called Jealousy

Chapter 13: So-called Jealousy

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

After Lou Yu left, Mo Fei felt much relieved.

“Oh, fuck! He is finally gone. He is cute, so what? Look at that cocky face! Hum!” said Mo Fei flatly.

Mo Yi blinked and said, “Young master, I never know you love Ouyang so deeply. So you rejected all those sixteen marriages because of him!”

Mo Fei cast a glance at him, “Who told you that? If that tigress finds me a beautiful woman with a curvy figure, I will immediately say yes. But see what that tigress introduced me, huh? A bunch of ugly men! How am I supposed to marry any of them?”

Mo Fei said with his head titled, “Then why did you say that to Prince Yu?”

“I don’t like him. So I want to make him jealous.” Mo Fei rubbed his nose while saying so.

Mo Yi said with a pair of worshipful eyes, “Young master, that is Prince Yu. You have my knees.”

“Of course, I deserve your knees. Who am I? Huh? Get me a glass of water to rinse my mouth. I said too many mushy words today. I got me goose bumps all over.” said Mo Fei drowsily.

Mo Yi immediately handed him a glass of water.

At this time, a waiter knocked at the door and walked in.

Mo Fei blinked and then asked him, “Is there a problem?”

“Hello, sir. You have spent 23,488 star coins in total. Could you please pay the bills now?” said the waiter.

Mo Fei popped his eyes out, “What did you say? Didn’t someone pay the check just now?”

“A mister told me you will pay the bills.” answered the waiter with a bright smile.

Mo Fei said with his eyes wide open, wearing a ferocious expression, “What did you say?”

Mo Yi threw himself at him and pressed his shoulder, “Young master, calm down. Calm down.”

Mo Fei took a deep breath, and watched his over twenty thousand star coins transferred from his own account, with his heart bleeding.

Once the waiter was gone, Mo Fei immediately lost his hair, “Asshole! Motherfucker!”

Mo Yi looked at Mo Fei awkwardly, “Young master, calm down. I think, maybe because he is jealous.”

“He is jealous, so I have to pay for it?” Mo Fei took a beer and started to guzzle sullenly. He drank too fast and got himself choked, then said with a sobbing tone with watery eyes, “I knew men are all untrustworthy!”

Mo Yi scratched his head and said, “Young master, you are also a man.”

“So, I am also untrustworthy!” said Mo Fei with emotion.

Mo Yi, “…”

Mo Fei looked at his star card and started to weep, “I cracked my brain to save some money and now all wasted on a jerk again!?”

Lou Yu took off his jacket and plopped it on the couch.

Su Rong looked at Lou Yu with his eyebrows raised, “My prince, what’s going on? Isn’t everything smooth?”

Lou Yu shook his head, “Yes, without a hitch.”

Lou Yu clenched his fists. He never knew he couldn’t even compare with a finger of a heartbreaker! Mo Fei the jerk! How dare he belittle him?

He had been worried that Mo Fei might fall for him, so he tried to throw some cold water on him. But it turned out he had no feelings for him at all. This felt so awful…

Su Rong was a little confused, “Since everything is so smooth, why do you look a little upset?”

“I’m happy. Of course I am happy. Nothing could upset me.” said Lou Yu coldly while goggling at Su Rong.

Su Rong, “…”

But on thinking of the scene that Mo Fei paid the bills, Lou Yu felt a little complacent with his lips curled up.

Watching that weird smile on Lou Yu’s face, Su Rong shivered subconsciously.

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