My Sassy ‘Crown Princess’

Chapter 14 - Old Flame

Chapter 14: Old Flame

Mo Fei was lying on bed, staring at the ceiling blankly.

Seeing Mo Fei was a little abstracted, Mo Yi said, “Young master, don’t be sad.”

Mo Fei glanced at him and said with a piteous tone, “How could I not be? Finally I have been in easy circumstances, and now I’m bankrupt again! Why do I always meet assholes?”

Mo Yi said awkwardly, “Young master, Mr. Ouyang invites you for dinner.”

Mo Fei jumped out of his skin, “Don’t you never ever tell me someone invites me for dinner! Those assholes, they all said they would treat me for dinner, but none of them paid.”

Mo Yi felt so sorry for him, “Then you’d better not go.”

“Of course not.” Mo Fei said grumpily.

Mo Yi mumbled, “Young master, we are hard up for cash recently. I’m afraid we can only live on the nutrient doses. And finally Mr. Ouyang invites you to dinner, maybe…”

Mo Fei hesitated for a bit and said, “Go tell Ouyang Qi. I’ll go as long as he is gonna pay.”

Mo Yi nodded, “OK.”

At Prince Yu’s mansion

Lou Yu looked at Su Rong and asked, “What? Is there any problem with this Mo Fei?”

Su Rong said, “There should be nothing between Mo Fei and the Imperial Consort. He has ill talent and is not the favored one at home. He is just a nobody judging for every aspect. And he enjoys very bad reputation. The reason the Imperial Consort chooses him is to disgust you.”

Lou Yu nodded, “I got it. As long as he has nothing to do with that woman.”

He kind of felt that Su Rong was always dodging his eyes.

So he asked, “Is there anything you are hiding from me?”

Su Rong glanced at Lou Yu and said, “This Mo Fei is a little misbehaving himself. He has been engaged with you but still is still seeing someone else.”

Lou Yu’s face darkened, “You mean Ouyang Qi?”

Su Rong nodded, “Yeah. Ouyang Qi should’ve been aware that you are engaged, but still asked Mo Fei out. I got the surveillance video. Would you like to take a look?”

Lou Yu nodded, “Sure, why not?” He wondered what the guy Mo Fei had said he couldn’t even compare with a finger of his was like.

Su Rong looked at Lou Yu strangely. In his eyes, Prince Yu is an indifferent person. So he shouldn’t show any concerns about such a nobody.

Su Rong then took out a tiny video player, played the video on the wall with a projector. It was in a balcony, in which were seated a handsome young man.

Mo Fei opened the door and went in with Mo Yi.

On Seeing Mo Fei, Ouyang Qi who was sitting in the balcony immediately wore a cocky smile, “I knew you’d come.”

Mo Fei sat on the opposite side of Ouyang Qi drowsily, “Someone treats me for dinner. Give me a reason to say no.”

“Fei, I know you are still mad at me. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to cancel the engagement, my family forced me to.” There was kind of downcast expression on Ouyang Qi’s face.

Mo Fei blinked and ignored Ouyang Qi’s guilty expression, but said in a serious tone, “So, you have paid for this, right?”

Ouyang Qi’s face went stiff by Mo Fei’s question, “Yeah, sure.”

Mo Fei nodded and heaved a long sigh, “Then I am relieved.”

Ouyang Qi, “Fei, I’m really sorry.”

Mo Fei nodded and said seriously, “I’m glad that you feel sorry for me. So how much are you gonna pay for my mental damage?”

Ouyang Qi’s face went stiff again, “Fei, since when have you become so material?”

Mo Fei said while gulping the food, “I’m kind of strapped for cash recently. What choice do I have?”

“Fei, I know you still have feelings for me. Actually, I also have never forgotten about you. You’re still my only love.” Said Ouyang Qi amorously.

Mo Fei covered his mouth, pretending he was gonna throw up.

Mo Yi got startled and immediately came before him, “Young master, hold it! These dishes are very expensive. It’s a shame if you throw up.”

On hearing Mo Yi’s words, Mo Fei popped his eyes out and swallowed up the food in his mouth with efforts.

Ouyang Qi’s face turned all dark.

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