My Sassy ‘Crown Princess’

Chapter 12 - Tacit Understanding

Chapter 12: Tacit Understanding

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

 “I heard you are pregnant.” said Lou Yu while sized him up.

Mo Fei blinked, wearing that innocent expression, “My prince, it was rumor, totally! How could I get pregnant?”

Lou Yu smiled and said unconcernedly, “You being pregnant is nothing, as long as you don’t give birth to it.”

Mo Fei, “…”

“Are you aware that we are getting married?” asked Lou Yu.

Mo Fei nodded, “I think so.”

Lou Yu then sneered, “Actually I objected it at first. But on second thought, I realize whom to marry to doesn’t make any difference to me. So I changed my mind.”

Mo Fei blinked, thinking, “It doesn’t make any difference? Seriously? My guess is confirmed. He should have kind of unspoken disease.”

“There is one I need you to know.” said Lou Yu.

Mo Fei nodded and tried to cooperate, “Shoot, just shoot. I’m listening.”

“Even if you marry me, I will never have sex with you. You should bear that in mind.” said Lou Yu in a serious tone.

Mo Fei then felt much relieved, “That’s great!”

His reaction really unsettled Lou Yu who then asked, “What did you say?”

Mo Fei smiled awkwardly, “I mean, wow, that’s not good. If I marry you, we are a couple, you know. Hehe…”

Lou Yu looked a little agitated, “I won’t lay a finger on you. So don’t even think of it.”

Mo Fei nodded, “I know, I know. I will never take advantage of you. After I marry you, we live our own lives.”

Lou Yu observed Mo Fei’s expression and said, “You look kind of very happy.”

Mo Fei immediately shook his head, “No! How can that be? How could I be happy about it? You are so charming, so dignified. I feel so down on thinking that I will never have a chance to have body intimacy with you after we get married.”

Looking at his hypocritical expression, Lou Yu snorted, “You still can’t get over your first love Ouyang Qi, right?”

With the head down, Mo Fei thought to himself, “Why would I even think of that guy? He is not into men at all. Besides, he is an asshole.”

Lou Yu took Mo Fei’s silence as an affirmative answer, so he sneered, “You really have a bad taste on your other half.”

His words immediately provoked him. How dare this little shithead doubt his taste?

But he still tried to restrain himself and heaved a sigh, “My prince, there’s something you don’t know. First love is the best thing in life. Even if you are more handsome and have higher talent than him, so what? In my heart, he is always the best. As excellent as you, you are still no better even…than a finger of his…” On second thought, he changed toe to finger, in case Prince Yu got mad at him.

Lou Yu looked at Mo Fei coldly, “Such a spoony! Pity that he has already thrown himself into someone else’s arms.”

“I never expected anything from him. The sweet memories we had are already enough for me.” said Mo Fei affectionately.

Lou Yu cast a glance at him, “Never expected you to be such a sentimental guy. I really didn’t see that in you.”

Mo Fei sighed slightly, “He dumped me, but I still can’t get over him. For him, I have rejected 16 marriages”

Some kind of jealous feeling aroused in Lou Yu’s heart, “Since you have rejected sixteen men already, why not reject me?”

“Didn’t you say you won’t touch me?” said Mo Fei while looking at him with that pair of innocent eyes.

Lou Yu sneered, “So you are gonna preserve your integrity for him.”

Mo Fei nodded, “I don’t want to have sex with someone else now. Maybe someday I can get over him. But you can trust me, my prince. I will never touch you.”

Lou Yu, “…”

“That’s be great, I think. We’ll get engaged in half a month.” said Lou Yu.

Mo Fei said shyly, “Well, you decide.”

When Lou Yu got up and was about to leave, Mo Fei quickly said, “Don’t forget to pay the check.”

Lou Yu, “…”

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