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Chapter 284 - An Old Demon had Sneaked in (2)  

Chapter 284: An Old Demon had Sneaked in (2)

After hearing Lu Ping’s words, Chu Nanxi said coldly, “Then I’ll have to trouble Master to give me one!”

She had a lot of star dollars!


Lu Ping agreed without hesitation. Chu Nanxi transferred 120,000 star dollars to Lu Ping.

The system immediately generated a wristwatch.

Lu Ping handed the wristwatch to Chu Nanxi.

Chu Nanxi immediately put it on.

She closed her eyes to sense it. She let out a soft exclamation of surprise.

She could feel a cool energy flowing through her entire body the moment the wristwatch was on her body.

Her entire body felt good.

When she circulated her cultivation again, the speed of her cultivation was much faster than usual.

In fact, when she circulated her cultivation, it was like she was a sect disciple.

Combined with the watch, she looked even more terrifying.

“With this watch, you can cultivate without worry. You definitely won’t go mad.”

Lu Ping said with a smile.

Hearing Lu Ping’s words, Chu Nanxi raised her eyebrows.

The probability of a normal disciple going mad was very low when they cultivated.

However, when they broke through to the next stage, they would usually be met with a calamity. At this time, the chances of Qi deviation were much higher.

Once they lost control, they would be severely injured, and in serious cases, their foundations would be damaged.

However, Chu Nanxi could not believe it. She was different from ordinary people. The cultivation technique she was currently cultivating was called the Great Illusion Heavenly Demon art.

It was a grade SSS cultivation technique.

Every time she cultivated it, she would have a heavenly demon enter her dreams.

It could be said that people with weak mental fortitude would easily go mad.

Even she had to be careful.

If she could really guarantee that she wouldn’t go mad, it would be of great benefit to her.

She couldn’t help but suspect that Lu Ping was bragging.

Such a treasure only cost 120,000 star dollars? Was his brain damaged?

However, facing Lu Ping, she didn’t dare to voice out her thoughts.

Seeing Chu Nanxi spend money, some of the poor disciples were instantly envious, but the rich disciples immediately started to fork out money.

Gao Zhen also couldn’t help but be curious and went forward to buy one.

They immediately discovered that after wearing the wristwatch, they could check their own cultivation data.

Moreover, it was extremely accurate.

Chu Nanxi was even more shocked.

Because on the wristband, she actually saw the name of her cultivation technique!

Looking at the smiling Lu Ping in front of her, she couldn’t help but feel a little scared.

Could it be that this cultivation technique was also seen by him?

“Ding dong! Congratulations to the host for selling thirty sect wristwatches. The reward is the host’s master skill: Insight!”

“Insight: The host can check the information of the members of the sect.”

Lu Ping was stunned.

There was such a f*cking good thing?

He used insight on Chu Nanxi.

Outer Disciple: Chu Nanxi

Gender: Female

Age: 15 (Spirit: 45,870)

Sect contribution points: 30

Aptitude: S

Dao Heart: S

Will: SSS

Cultivation: Foundation Establishment Level 3

Cultivation Technique: Great Illusion Heavenly Demon art (Grade SSS)

Sect loyalty: 30

Lu Ping said nothing.

What did he just see?

Lu Ping could accept that she was 15 years old. After all, Chu Nanxi looked about 15 or 16 years old.

But what the hell was that technique?

Lu Ping casually used it on Liu Wu.

Outer Disciple: Liu Wu

Age: 35

Sect contribution points: 0

Aptitude: C

Dao Heart: S+

Will: S

Cultivation: Foundation Establishment Level 4

Cultivation Technique: Clear Sky Foundation Establishment method (Grade C)

Sect loyalty: 55

Lu Ping looked at two more disciples.

The information was about the same.

But there was no one like Chu Nanxi.

Lu Ping roughly understood that an old demon had sneaked in!

A demon that was more than 40,000 years old!

What the hell?

Suddenly, Lu Ping had a thought. How old was his wife?

He quickly threw this thought away.

He didn’t need to look to know that at Huang Xiaoqi’s age, she would probably be enough to be his ancestor.

But a man had to be magnanimous.

At this moment, Lu Ping also noticed that Chu Nanxi seemed to be sneaking glances at him.

“This girl is here to learn a grade SSS cultivation technique, right?” Lu Ping finally understood.

However, Lu Ping wasn’t afraid.

In fact, he was even somewhat delighted. In the end, the existence of the system allowed him to effectively uncover traitors.

Although Chu Nanxi was an old demon who had lived for more than 40,000 years, as long as she entered the sect, she would be at his mercy.

As for the 30 points of sect loyalty, it was actually not considered low.

These disciples had just entered the sect, how much loyalty could they have?

For things like people, many things needed to come from feelings and benefits.

Right now, their cultivation had not advanced, and they had just joined the sect. How could they have any loyalty?

After taking a rough look, these people’s sect loyalty was basically not very high.

As for Chu Nanxi’s extra 30 sect contribution points, it was a bonus from buying a wristwatch.

On Chu Nanxi’s sect wristwatch, the system was so considerate that it did not reveal the age of her soul. Otherwise, Chu Nanxi would have fled in fear.

Even so, she still looked at Lu Ping suspiciously.

“Master, what do you need to do to become an inner sect disciple?”

Lu Ping thought for a moment and smiled, “First, your cultivation must reach the Golden Core stage. Then, your sect contribution points must reach 1500.”

Chu Nanxi smiled slightly.

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