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Chapter 285 - An Old Demon had Sneaked in (3)  

Chapter 285: An Old Demon had Sneaked in (3)

She had to reach the Golden Core stage? To her, it was as easy as flipping a coin!

“However, I want to remind you that cultivation techniques have nothing to do with whether you are inner or outer sect disciples.” Lu Ping smiled and said, “As long as you have a breakthrough in your cultivation, I can let you enter the sect’s Scripture Pavilion to choose a cultivation technique. However, you have to know that grade SSS cultivation techniques are actually ancient cultivation techniques. They have extremely high requirements for resources and for the cultivator themselves. It doesn’t mean that cultivating grade SSS cultivation techniques is necessarily better than grade S cultivation techniques. I hope you know this. And if you want to get other techniques or cultivation techniques, you have to have enough sect contribution points!”

Lu Ping’s words caused everyone’s eyes to light up.

If that was the case, then wouldn’t they be able to get grade SSS cultivation techniques as long as they broke through?

Everyone’s hearts were burning with passion.

Regarding Lu Ping’s warning, many people still did not take it to heart.

Seeing them like this, Lu Ping naturally understood.

However, he did not say much. There were many things that were useless even if he said it.

Anyway, the cultivation technique was placed there. It was originally meant for the disciples to practice. Whether they succeeded or not, it would depend on the good fortune of the disciples.

“Then Master, if that’s the case, then what’s the difference between an inner and outer sect disciple?” A person asked curiously.

Lu Ping smiled lightly, he said, “Our sect’s secret technique allows inner sect disciples to cultivate faster. Let’s not talk about other things. Even if you’re only outer sect disciples now, your cultivation speed will be at least twice as fast as usual! Inner sect disciples will cultivate even better!”

Everyone was shocked. Someone gave it a try and immediately exclaimed, “As expected!”

These outer sect disciples didn’t know what to say anymore.

This was too terrifying. They had never heard of any sect having such a secret technique!

After all the disciples had finished learning the technique, Lu Ping explained it to them again before turning around and leaving.

“Ding dong! Congratulations to host for successfully teaching and obtaining 2,000 Master Path points.”

“Ding dong! Congratulations to host for leveling up and obtaining a small amount of Heaven and Earth Merit points.”

“Ding dong! Congratulations to host for leveling up. You have obtained the Inheritance of a Master Alchemist.”

In one class, Lu Ping had leveled up twice in a row.

After all, the number of people teaching this class could not be compared to the number of people teaching in the academy.

Lu Ping pondered for a moment.

He had finished dealing with the outer sect disciples, but what about the odd-job disciples?

When these odd-job disciples joined the sect, it was basically the same as signing a contract to sell one’s body.

If he didn’t prepare any cultivation techniques for them, it would be a bit unreasonable.

However, Lu Ping also knew that he couldn’t give them a grade S cultivation techniques.

After all, these disciples who officially joined the sect only practiced grade S cultivation techniques.

To put it bluntly, if outer sect disciples received the same treatment as the odd-job disciples, it would cause them to be dissatisfied.

As for the odd-job disciples, they might not be ambitious enough.

“System, I want a Foundation Establishment grade A cultivation technique to be taught to odd-job disciples, what should I do?”

“A Foundation Establishment grade A cultivation technique that can be taught to odd-job disciples requires 50,000 sect contribution points in exchange.”

Lu Ping sucked in a breath of cold air.

This was too expensive!

50,000 contribution points for a grade A cultivation technique that could be taught at will.

Lu Ping thought for a moment.

He went to Huang Shiliu’s room.

Lu Ping knocked on the door.

When the door opened, he saw Huang Shiliu lying on the bed, eating snacks and watching cartoons.

She was like a miniature version of Huang Xiaoqi!

“Don’t you phoenixes cultivate?” Lu Ping couldn’t help but complain.

“No, our cultivation techniques will be self-cultivated. Our cultivation will slowly increase with age, and the effect is similar to self-cultivation.” Huang Shiliu’s words made Lu Ping understand.

So she could play and cultivate at the same time.

It really couldn’t be compared.

“Do you have a Foundation Establishment grade A cultivation technique? Give me two.” Lu Ping smiled and said, “I’ll give you the elephant trunk of the Giant Stone Elephant in exchange!”

Lu Ping knew Huang Shiliu’s weakness.

Regarding the two demons sent by Zi Baishan last time, he gave the Fire Ape to Huang Shiliu, and kept the Giant Stone Elephant for himself.

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