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Chapter 283 - An Old Demon had Sneaked in (1)

Chapter 283: An Old Demon had Sneaked in (1)


In the sect’s classroom, the outer disciples had finished their preparations.

Lu Ping stood on the platform and said with a smile, “Everyone, since you’ve joined our Seven Phoenixes sect, you’re all disciples of our sect. As for the outer disciples, I’ve prepared two cultivation techniques for you to choose from and learn!”

“North Mystic Qi Condensation technique and Dragon Python Force!”

Lu Ping took out the cultivation techniques, “These two cultivation techniques are both grade S cultivation techniques. The North Mystic Qi condensation technique is a cultivation technique, and the Dragon Python Force is a body tempering cultivation technique. You can choose one and practice it. As for what cultivation path you choose, it depends on you.”

Cultivating the primordial spirit and cultivating the physical body were the two most mainstream cultivation techniques.

Ordinary sword cultivators actually cultivated the primordial spirit as well.

They were only called sword cultivators according to their combat methods.

But they didn’t belong to a separate cultivation system.

The two cultivation techniques thoroughly ignited the enthusiasm of the disciples!

For a moment, there was a flurry of discussion.

They were both grade S cultivation techniques!

One had to know that in the other sects, how could ordinary outer disciples have the opportunity to cultivate grade S cultivation techniques?

Only personal disciples or core disciples had the opportunity to come into contact with these kinds of cultivation technique.

They had just entered the sect and had already obtained the opportunity to learn a grade S cultivation technique.

“Liu, what kind of cultivation technique do you plan to cultivate?”

Beside Liu Wu, a disciple asked curiously.

Liu Wu shook his head, his face full of confusion, and said, “I don’t know either.” As he spoke, he mustered up the courage to look at Lu Ping and asked, “Master, can you tell us the pros and cons of these two cultivation techniques?”

Lu Ping smiled and said, “After cultivating the North Mystic Qi Condensation technique, the speed of Qi condensation is much faster than ordinary cultivation techniques. The quality of your true Qi can also be said to be superior, and the cultivation speed is extremely fast. However, this cultivation technique requires some talent. If your talent isn’t good enough to cultivate, I’m afraid the effect will be quite poor.”

Hearing this, Liu Wu’s heart turned cold.

He was not the only one. Many of the disciples looked a little disappointed.

Because there were many people here who were not very talented.

Lu Ping had also noticed this, but he had already considered it. When he had chosen the other cultivation technique, he had specially chosen the Dragon Python Force.

He picked up the Dragon Python Force and said in a deep voice, “The Dragon Python Force is different. This cultivation technique is a body tempering cultivation technique, but the most important point is to continuously squeeze the limits of the body to strengthen the body. The requirements for talent are not high. That is to say, as long as you can endure the hardships and have great perseverance, your cultivation speed will not be slower than the North Mystic Qi Condensation technique! All of you, think about it carefully!”

Hearing this, Liu Wu made a decision in his heart.

“Master, I want to learn the Dragon Python Force!”

Lu Ping smiled and said, “All of you can choose your own technique and take turns to read them. However, let me remind all of you that our sect’s cultivation techniques are not under a spirit contract, but you can not teach it to others. If you deliberately exploit a loophole and teach the cultivation technique to others, you will suffer the consequences. Don’t blame me for not saying anything when that happens!”

The system had its own set of controls. The disciples could look at these cultivation techniques and learn them, but if they wanted to spread them, the system would bite them back.

Hearing this, everyone’s faces tensed up.

Especially Gao Zhen’s.

He had been thinking just now. Seeing that there was no spirit contract, he would learn the cultivation technique and see if there was a chance to secretly transmit it back to the Azure Cloud sect.

In reality, there were other people sent by other sects.

At this moment, Chu Nanxi’s pretty little face was frowning.

A grade S technique? She didn’t want it!

What she wanted was a grade SSS technique.

Seeing that the outer sect disciples were all going to choose the technique, she came before Lu Ping.

“Master, I want to learn a grade SSS cultivation technique.”

Chu Nanxi revealed her thoughts without hesitation.

Lu Ping looked at her. This girl was very cold and beautiful.

He remembered feeling the about Huang Xiaoqi back then.

Lu Ping smiled and said, “What’s your current cultivation level?”

“The third level of the Foundation Establishment stage.” Chu Nanxi said in a deep voice, “The cultivation technique I’m practicing now is a grade SSS cultivation technique. If I haven’t improved after entering the sect, then there’s no point in me staying here.”

Her words were very direct.

Lu Ping was stunned.

He didn’t expect that Chu Nanxi was cultivating a grade SSS cultivation technique now.

What should he do? Should he teach her the Nine Revolutions Primordial Spirit Body Building art?

To Lu Ping, this wasn’t something that was unacceptable.

After all, the results of different people cultivating the same technique might be completely different.

Therefore, Lu Ping didn’t have any intention of keeping it to himself.

Lu Ping was now the master of the sect. To put it simply, Chu Nanxi was now the same as these people. They were all outer sect disciples who had just entered the sect.

If he gave Chu Nanxi a grade SSS cultivation technique, would the others also want to cultivate it?

To a certain extent, cultivating a a grade SSS cultivation technique wasn’t a good idea for low-level cultivators.

That would require too many resources.

Lu Ping had come to this point because of the help of the system and Huang Xiaoqi.

If Lu Ping relied solely on himself, he might not even be able to break through to the first level of the Foundation Establishment stage.

After considering it all, Lu Ping smiled and said, “You should focus on your cultivation first. The sect has grade SSS cultivation techniques, but if you want to learn them, you need to get your own sect contribution points. Oh right, if you want a sect wristwatch, you can tell me. It costs 120,000 star dollars. After wearing it, it will be beneficial for your cultivation. You can also check your sect contribution points. But don’t worry, whether you buy a wristwatch or not, as long as you are a disciple of the sect, no matter where you are, as long as you do something beneficial to the sect, your contribution points will automatically accumulate. This is the secret technique of the sect.”

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