My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again

Chapter 527 - Thank You for Not Giving up on Me (1)

Chapter 527: Thank You for Not Giving up on Me (1)

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Xu Weilai subconsciously rubbed her head against his body and found a comfortable position to snuggle up before she closed her eyes.

But she soon opened her eyes as if she suddenly recalled something. She does not know when it started but they have formed the habit of cuddling each other when they sleep.

She hadn’t noticed this before but now, everything seemed to be magnified.

Through these details, Xu Weilai could tell that Gu Yu genuinely had feelings for her. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been so casually intimate with her if he was merely sympathetic and trying to make it up to her.

“Perhaps I should have more confidence in myself and trust my gut feeling,” she thought.

Gu Yu could feel Xu Weilai stirring in his arms. As expected, when he lowered his head, noticed that she had yet to sleep. He then asked softly, “Aren’t you going to sleep? Or is it so uncomfortable that you can’t fall asleep?”

Xu Weilai hurriedly shook her head and replied, “I’m going to sleep now.” She then closed her eyes again.

Gu Yu chuckled softly and planted a gentle kiss on her forehead. He then hugged her tighter and closed his eyes.

Xu Weilai’s mind was in a turmoil because of the message but as she listened to his steady and powerful heartbeat, gradually began to calm down.

Xu Weilai recalled how Yun Rou previously said things to her to deliberately mislead her into believing that Gu Yu had the intention of getting back with her. Back then, she did not trust Gu Yu because of her own sense of inferiority and timidity and nearly asked him for a divorce.

Gu Yu’s attitude towards her had changed, just like three years ago when he began to treat her differently because she took care of him after he met with a car accident. This time, he only changed his attitude towards her because she took a stabbing for him and suffered from lingering physical effects from the incident.

But this was unlike three years ago.

Gu Yu had apologized to her in the ward when she was injured and asked her to wait for him. She could tell that he sincerely meant what he said.

Not to mention, he had been caring and protective of her during this period of time. Although he never actually confessed his love for her, had brought her to visit his deceased parents. He also publically acknowledged her to be his wife at his grandfather’s birthday party. Xu Weilai felt sure that these little things were his way of expressing his feelings for her.

She tried hard to recall what Gu Yu had done for her and to find evidence to prove that he had feelings for her. Gradually, she began to feel more confident about herself.

She knew herself well. If she chose to ignore what Yun Rou had said, it would only serve to stifle her. She would be kept in a constant state of anxiety every day and worry about losing Gu Yu. This was probably what Yun Rou wanted.

After all, Yun Rou had said these things because she wanted her to live her life in misery.

Xu Weilai was determined not to let Yun Rou have her way. This time, regardless of whether Xiao Chun liked Gu Yu or not or if Gu Yu’s feelings towards her were genuine, she wanted to face it all bravely.

However, between the two, she had to admit that she wanted to address the issue with Xiao Chun first, for she silently wished to stall some time before she faced the truth about the authenticity of Gu Yu’s feelings towards her. At the very least, she wanted to think about how she should phrase her words and find a good opportunity to ask him about it casually.

Xu Weilai began to feel drowsy after she finally sorted things out in her mind. She then raised her head and kissed the corner of Gu Yu’s lips secretly before saying in a low voice, “Gu Yu, I hope that things will be different for us this time as compared to how it was three years ago…”

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