My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again

Chapter 528 - Thank You for Not Giving up on Me (2)

Chapter 528: Thank You for Not Giving up on Me (2)

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Xu Weilai does not know if she would have the courage to pull through if she was once again subjected to the same circumstances as what she went through three years ago.

She loved Gu Yu with all that she had and it would be truly pathetic if her feelings were never reciprocated.

Xu Weilai stopped her thoughts from running wild and wrapped her slender arms around Gu Yu’s waist. She then pressed her cheek against his chest and closed her eyes.

The evidence against Yun Rou was conclusive and there was no way for her to deny her crimes. She was officially taken into custody and would receive the verdict to her case a few days later.

The Xiao family had hired a competent lawyer to defend Xiao Chun, who decided to testify against Yun Rou at the very last minute. Throughout the proceedings, she was sincere in admitting to her mistakes. As she had tried her best to prevent any casualties in the incident and the judge could also empathise with how she was only trying to get the best of both worlds, her sentence was greatly reduced. Eventually, it was announced that she would be fined and would be subjected to correctional education. She would also be required to complete 168 hours of social services. She was subsequently released.

Xu Weilai went to pick Xiao Chun up on the day that she was released.

They stared at each other for a few seconds at the entrance and smiled with tacit understanding. They had known each other for many years and knew each other so well that they could understand what each other’s thoughts even when certain things remained unspoken.

They began to walk towards each other almost at the same time and when they were standing right before each other, Xu Weilai handed her a beancurd and remarked, “It’s troublesome for me to bring you pomelo water and a brazier. But I brought this since it’s mentioned in Korean dramas that tofu could also get rid of your bad luck. I hope you don’t mind this.”

Xiao Chun took one glance at the tofu and feigned arrogance as she said, “I only eat tofu that is meticulously prepared in a luxurious restaurant. How much is your tofu even worth?”

“Just a dollar. But I cooked it myself. You can take it or leave it,” Xu Weilai said and pretended as if she wanted to retract her offer.

Xiao Chun instantly reached over and snatched the tofu away. Ignoring everything, she opened the lid and took a bite. As she chewed on the tofu, complained, “So our friendship is only worth a dollar? Little Weilai, you’re too stingy.”

“Tsk. The value of the tofu may be a dollar but I personally prepared and that makes it priceless, alright?” Xu Weilai emphasized. When she saw how Xiao Chun quickly finished the tofu after a few bites, couldn’t help but laugh and tease, “Weren’t you complaining about it just now? But you still finished it anyway. It’s tastes good, doesn’t it?”

Xiao Chun did not rebut her any further. After she swallowed all the tofu in her mouth, reached over and hugged Xu Weilai. She sounded slightly hoarse as she said, “Thanks for not giving up on me and for stopping me from doing something stupid.”

Xiao Chun returned to her cell after her talk with Xu Weilai that day. As she hugged her knees and sat on the bed, couldn’t stop thinking about everything over and over again.

She wanted to have the best of both worlds and let herself be the end to everything. Yet she couldn’t help but wonder if everything would happen according to what she wished.

Yun Rou was very stubborn and her condition was also very serious. If what Xu Weilai had said was true, there would be no end to Yun Rou’s hatred for Xu Weilai unless one of them was dead.

Next time, if Yun Rou were to do something to Xu Weilai again, they would both suffer.

One would only learn from one’s mistakes after being punished and the reason why Yun Rou was getting more and more overboard was because she was not duly punished for her horrible deeds. Xiao Chun believed that shouldn’t simply help Yun Rou blindly.

She felt that it might be better for Yun Rou to stay in prison or be transferred and detained in a mental hospital where she could receive proper treatment. Xiao Chun felt that this might allow her to come to her senses someday.

Xu Wweilai patted the back of her hand lightly and requested calmly, “Chunchun, if you really want to thank me, then promise me something.”

“What is it? Just let me know. I’ll definitely do it if it’s something within my abilities.”

Xu Weilai pushed her away gently and gazed at her face with her jet black eyes before she said seriously, “It’s very simple. I just want you to answer a question honestly. You have to be truthful about this.”

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