My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again

Chapter 526 - The More She Cared, the More Bothered She Was (2)

Chapter 526: The More She Cared, the More Bothered She Was (2)

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Rationality and emotions had always been on two different ends of the spectrum. No matter how rational a person was, his rationality would never be able to dictate his emotions. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be so many broken hearts in the world.

The more one cared about something, the more bothered one would be.

As Xu Weilai was caught up in her depressing thoughts, failed to hear the sound of Gu Yu’s footfall. She did not notice Gu Yu when he entered the bedroom and when he saw how pale she was as she sat on the carpet in a daze, frowned. A hint of worry flashed across his eyes.

He quickly strode over and bent down to carry her up.

Xu Weilai only snapped out of her daze when she felt her body being held up abruptly. She subconsciously glanced at Gu Yu and her dazed expression was gradually replaced by one of clarity.

Gu Yu placed her down on the bed before he scanned her face with his jet black eyes and asked in a deep voice, “What’s wrong? I saw you sitting on the ground and spacing out. You don’t seem too well. Is… Is your body feeling unwell?”

“Is your body feeling unwell?” the words echoed in Xu Weilai’s mind.

Although Xu Weilai was already used to hearing these words, at that very moment, felt as if she was struck by thunder when he said this.

She had actually felt that Gu Yu was excessively anxious about her ever since her injury. He always seemed very worried whenever something happened to her, just like how he was moments ago.

Previously, while she found it strange, but she never dwelled too much into it, for Gu Yu could be extremely considerate and gentle if he wanted to be nice to someone. She merely thought that they had returned to how they used to be in the past.

“But could I be mistaken? Is Gu Yu so nervous about me because there’s a serious problem with my body? Is he just sympathizing with me and trying to make it up to me?” she wondered.

For a moment, Xu Weilai was tempted to thrash things out with Gu Yu and verify the truth behind Yun Rou’s claims. However, her mind was in a mess right now and she was unsure if she should speak her mind. Neither does she know how to phrase her words. Most importantly, she does not know if she really wanted to know the truth.

It would be great if it turned out that Yun Rou was lying.

“But what if Yun Rou’s claims were true?” she thought.

If it was, then all the sweet interactions between her and Gu Yu during this period of time would become a joke.

It wasn’t a good time to talk about this now. At the very least, Xu Weilai felt that she needed to calm down and think through things clearly before making a decision. She would definitely regret her decision if she acted on impulse.

Xu Weilai could barely force out a smile and, suppressing the roiling emotions in her heart, tried her best to speak casually, “I’m fine… I accidentally dropped my phone on the floor just now so I’m just squatting down to pick it up.”

She quickly turned her phone away from Gu Yu and waved it at him as she spoke.

Gu Yu still appeared slightly worried as he verified, “Are you really alright? ”

“Well… Alright, I won’t hide it from you. You do know that my wound is scabbing, don’t you? Well, it feels a little uncomfortable, so I’m hoping to go to bed as I wouldn’t feel it when I’m asleep.”

Gu Yu did not probe further when he heard this and merely replied, “Sleep then. I’ll stay with you.”

Xu Weilai blinked in surprise and asked, “Gu Yu, you’re done with your work?”

It was only 11 p.m and she was going to bed early only because her body was weak. However, Gu Yu would always be busy with work and 12 a.m was the earliest time that he would retire for the night.

Gu Yu obviously still had things to do but felt that it was more important to spend time with his wife.

“Yes, I’m done,” he lied without blinking.

“Alright, let’s go to bed then,” Xu Weilai agreed and went on to lie down on her side of the bed.

Gu Yu walked over and switched the lights off before he returned, tossed the blanket aside and laid down in bed as well. In the next instant, he casually reached over and pulled Xu Weilai into his arms.

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