My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again

Chapter 525 - The More She Cared, the More Bothered She Was (1)

Chapter 525: The More She Cared, the More Bothered She Was (1)

Xu Weilai’s fingers were trembling her phone slipped through her palm and hit landed on the carpet with a light thud.

Her mind was completely preoccupied with the contents of the text message. Every single word pierced through her heart fiercely like a sharp needle and she could barely breathe.

She still couldn’t believe what she had just seen. Her knees caved in and she fell to her knees. Picking up the phone from the ground, she brightened the screen and read through every single word in the text message again.

She hoped that she had misread it but unfortunately, that was not the case.

The text contained two extremely shocking piece of news. Although it was from an unknown number, it was written in Yun Rou’s tone of voice. Someone must have sent it on her behalf after she was arrested.

She was bent on making life miserable for Yun Rou even though she was already completely defeated by her.

Firstly, the text message claimed that the reason why Xiao Chun willingly took care of Gu Yu on Xu Weilai’s behalf for so many years was not only because she wanted to return the favor she owed Xu Weilai, but also largely because she liked Gu Yu. She drove away the women around Gu Yu to fulfil her own selfish desires. She still liked Gu Yu even up till now and might even betray and turn her back on Xu Weilai in future.

Xu Weilai could even imagine how Yun Rou must have been gloating when she said wrote these. She agreed that Xiao Chun genuinely cared about Xu Weilai but challenged her if Xiao Chun could remain selfless when it came to the man she likes. Yun Rou then gleefully asked how Xu Weilai felt to experience having her husband being coveted by her best friend and told her that she anticipated the day when Xiao Chun would turn against her.

Yun Rou’s message also asked if Xu Weilai remembered how she took a stab in Gu Yu’s stead and nearly lost her life. It then asserted that Gu Yu treated her well out of pity for her body had become very weak after she survived the stabbing and was so severely damaged that it wouldn’t be easy for her to conceive a child.

Yun Roo, too, asserted that Xu Weilai’s fitness instructor was not actually a coach but a famous physiotherapist whom Gu Yu went through great lengths to engage to help her recover. She then emphasized that Gu Yu was only concerned about her health because he does not want to owe her anything.

“Xu Weilai, your best friend and husband, the two people who mattered the most to you, were not as truthful and sincere to you as what you imagined. So what if I’m defeated by you? Your situation is just as pathetic and ridiculous as mine,” she wrote.

“Xu Weilai, you could live on in the happy dream that they’ve weaved for you with their lies as long if it doesn’t bother you at all. But I’m really curious how long they would be able to keep up with their lies.”

Xu Weilai knew that Yun Rou intentionally sent her the message to annoy her and that she shouldn’t actually entertain or believe what she had written.

However, Xu Weilai felt certain that Yun Rou’s accusations wouldn’t have been completely baseless if Yun Rou dared to send such a strongly worded message to her. In fact, everything that she had said might even be true.

Yun Rou was indeed ruthless… She had already reached an impasse and yet she still was still bent on creating trouble.

Xu Weilai was greatly bothered by whether or not Chunchun actually liked Gu Yu, if there was genuinely something wrong with her own body and if Gu Yu was merely sympathizing with her all along.

She knew that the best thing to do was to pretend not to have read such a message and to pretend that she knew nothing about it. She knew that it Yun Rou was merely trying to sow discord between her, Xiao Chun and Gu Yu. However…

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