My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again

Chapter 510 - To Coax Him (2)

Chapter 510: To Coax Him (2)

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Xu Weilai knew that Gu Yu was annoyed because he was worried about her. Rolling her jet black eyes, she went along with him and agreed, “Sure, I’d gladly be your Thumbelina. I’d be able to eat, drink, and have fun with you every day without having to do anything else. How great would that be!”

Gu Yu then replied, “It’s a deal then.”

“Yes,” Xu Weilai confirmed and nodded her head hard.

If Xu Weilai wanted to coax Gu Yu, he wouldn’t be able to resist her at all. Moreover, he wasn’t angry, to begin with.

Gu Yu pushed her away gently and observed her face. When he noticed how pale she was, his brows knitted into a frown and he asked, “Does your wound still hurt?”

When she was taking her statement earlier on, he had made a trip down to the office of her attending physician to understand her condition. The doctor had assured him that she was not in a critical condition and was weak merely because of excessive blood loss.

Despite the doctor’s assurance, he was still worried that she would feel pain or discomfort.

Xu Weilai was actually hurting badly since she was stabbed a few times and had lost a lot of blood. However, she still shook her head and denied, “No, it doesn’t.”

She could not bear to see him frown or worry about her again.

Gu Yu stared meaningfully at her without blinking and asked in a deeper voice, “I want the truth.”

“…” Xu Weilai was at a loss for words and bit her lower lip before she looked at him pitifully and admitted, “Alright, it does hurt a little. But just a little. I’m serious!”

Gu Yu fell silent and his expression darkened.

Xu Weilai did not say anything else and simply reached over to tug the corner of his shirt gently. She then pouted and seemed as if she was begging for mercy.

However, Gu Yu immediately grabbed her hand and flung it away. He obviously wasn’t going to fall for her trick.

Nonetheless, Xu Weilai was relentless and no matter how many times he tossed her hand away, she continued to tug his shirt over and over again. After a few rounds, Gu Yu grabbed her hand without releasing it.

Xu Weilai instantly flashed him a happy grin.

As Gu Yu looked at her, his anger inevitably dissipated. His taut expression softened and his lips curled up into a faint smile.

The Xu Weilai from three years back was gradually returning.

However, their sweet moment was disrupted by Xu Shuai’s coughing.

Gu Yu and Xu Weilai subconsciously glanced at Xu Shuai, who was leaning against the door and he chuckled before saying, “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to interrupt your moment, but there’s something that I urgently need to check with Xu Weilai. Could… Could you spare me a moment?”

Before Xu Weilai could reply, Gu Yu rejected, “No. Get lost.”

“I’d asked Xu Shuai to take good care of Xu Weilai on my behalf but she nearly landed in an accident. How dare he still appear before me?” Gu Yu thought.

Xu Shuai found Gu Yu’s cold, terrifying glare unbearable and for a moment, he had the good mind to back off. But ultimately, he decided to bite the bullet. After entering the ward, he only dared to look at Xu Weilai as he asked weakly, “Xu Weilai, on account of how I saved your life yesterday, could you answer my question? The person who tried to kill you was Yun Rou and not Chunchun, isn’t it?”

Xu Weilai had already anticipated this question even before Xu Shuai asked and thus, she wasn’t surprised.

Although she never had a good impression of Xu Shuai, it was true that she owed her life to his timely appearance yesterday and she knew that she had to return the favor.

Thus, she nodded and confirmed, “Yun Rou was the man in black who chased me with a knife. I’m sure of this.”

However, she then gulped and continued, “But…”

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