My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again

Chapter 509 - To Coax Him (1)

Chapter 509: To Coax Him (1)

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The two policemen subconsciously exchanged a look.

The older officer then gazed sharply at Xu Weilai and analyzed seriously, “Miss Xu, we’ve already made a trip down to the resort yesterday to collect evidence. We also took down the statement of the staff. However, we did not see Xiao Chun who had accompanied you on this trip. Up till now, we still could not contact her.”

“According to the leads we have so far, Xiao Chun is the greatest suspect. We understand that you have been good friends with her for many years. We’re also aware of your terrible relationship with Yun Rou and how she even sued you a few days ago. It’s only natural for you to be displeased with her…” the police elaborated.

When Xu Weilai heard this, she immediately knew what the police officer was implying. Her expression became serious and she interuppted, “So you think that I’m covering up for Xiao Chun? Are you implying that I would even go to the extent of framing Yun Rou for this?”

She gradually balled up her fists and continued rather angrily, “Officer, I would never give a false statement no matter close I am to Xiao Chun and how bad my relationship with Yun Rou is. This is a violation of the law and it also goes against my principles. I would never do such a thing!”

The older policeman chuckled dryly and explained, “I’m just giving you a reminder so that you wouldn’t let your emotions get the better of you. Since you insist, then let’s move on to other questions.”

“You said that you only managed to see the eyes of your assailant. Are you sure that you’re not mistaken and that it’s really Yun Rou whom you saw?” he asked.

Xu Weilai took in a deep breath and sorted out her emotions before she nodded and confirmed, “Yes, I’m not mistaken. When I was in a tussle with her by the cliff, I got a close up of her. At first, the assailant’s eyes resembled Xiao Chun’s, but upon a closer look, I noticed something different.”

“Xiao Chun and I have known each other for many years and we know each other very well. Those aren’t Xiao Chun’s eyes, so she wasn’t the one who wanted to kill me. I’m certain of this,” she emphasized.

Subsequently, the police officer asked a few more questions and after he recorded everything, smiled and said, “Miss Xu, thank you for your cooperation. You should rest well. We’ll contact you again if there’s anything else we need.”

Xu Weilai nodded in acknowledgement.

After the policemen went out, Xu Weilai could hear the sound of footsteps approaching her ward. Initially, she thought that either the nurse or Xu Shuai had returned. But when she looked up, met Gu Yu’s deep set eyes.

Xu Weilai’s nose stung and she stared unblinkingly at him as she asked, “When did you arrive?”

“Just a few moments ago,” Gu Yu replied calmly. “But I waited outside since they police officers were recording your statement,” he added.

He stepped forward as he spoke and in the next instant, pulled Xu Weilai into his arms and hugged her. Earlier on, he felt as though he was going to suffocate from anxiety, but now that he could feel the warmth of her body, he gradually loosened up.

Even though Gu Yu did not say anything else, Xu Weilai could sense his fear. She, too, lifted her hands and wrapped them around his waist before she pressed her face against his chest to listen to his heart, which was thumping loudly. She then assured softly, “Gu Yu, don’t worry, I’ll definitely hang onto my life before I get to see you.”

Gu Yu remained silent for a long time before he gritted his teeth and spurted out, “Xu Weilai, there wouldn’t be a next time. Otherwise, you’d better prepare yourself to be Thumbelina.”

“Thumbelina?” Xu Weilai wondered.

After blinking a few times, she finally realized that he was referring to what he had said earlier before — that he would bring her along wherever he went in future.

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