My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again

Chapter 508 - Did Chunchun Do It? (2)

Chapter 508: Did Chunchun Do It? (2)

The fake casual smile was wiped off from Xu Shuai’s face and a dark, complicated expression flashed across his eyes. He remained rooted to the spot with his lips tightly pursed.

Xu Weilai turned to look at him when she realised how still he was.

Wth his fists clenched tightly on either side of his body, he opened his mouth to say something but stopped on second thought. He then repeated this a few times before he eventually gave up and spurted out, “Xu Weilai, could you first answer me if…if…Chunchun was the one who tried to kill you?”

Xiao Chun was the one who invited Xu Weilai on the trip to the hot spring and she explicitly specified that the trip would just be for the two of them. Xu Weilai had been resting in a hotel room but was transported to the mountain secretly. She then got injured and was sent to the hospital. However, throughout the entire episode, there was no news from Xiao Chun and thus, it was hard to not suspect her.

But even so, Xu Shuai still clung onto a glimmer of hope that she wasn’t the one who was responsible for this.

Xu Weilai lowered her eyes and it was hard to read her expression. Instead of answering Xu Shuai’s question, she said, “Go call the police.”

Xu Shuai’s heart jumped to his throat when he saw her reaction and he could not help but heave out a deep sigh.

Without saying anything else, he took out his cell phone from his pocket and called the police stiffly to arrange for them to drop by in the afternoon.

After making the call, there was complete silence in the ward.

Xu Shuai returned to the sofa and sat down before he sunk back into his seat tiredly. He massaged the area between his eyebrows furiously but could not seem to relieve his headache. He then grabbed his cell phone and called Xiao Chun again.

He had been calling her throughout the whole night but she never picked up her phone.

Even up till now, she was still not answering the call.

Xu Shuai still could not believe that Xiao Chun would hurt Xu Weilai and neither does he believe that she would do such a stupid thing. “She couldn’t possibly be like Yun Rou. She couldn’t possibly believe that Gu Yu would date her if she managed to get Xu Weilai out of the way,” he thought.

“That’s impossible…” Xu Shuai concluded.

“Xiao Chun managed to hide her feelings towards Gu Yu so well throughout all these years. If she wanted to hurt Xu Weilai and destroy her relationship with Gu Yu, she wouldn’t have to wait until now to make a move. Neither does she have to resort to such foolish means,” he reasoned.

The more he thought about it, the more frustrated he became. Unable to sit still any longer, he stood up abruptly and announced curtly, “Xu Weilai, I’m going out to take a breather. I’ll get the nurse to keep you company. You should rest well.”

After that, without waiting for Xu Weilai to reply, he strode out of the ward.

As Xu Weilai was too weak, she slipped off into a deep slumber after Xu Shuai left. After some time, she was then gently woken up by a nurse who had come to inform her that the police have arrived.

The nurse cleaned up her face with a towel before she raised her bed and fed her some warm water. After the nurse checked that Xu Weilai was fully awake and alert, she then left the room.

Two plainclothes policemen and another uniformed police officer stood beside Xu Weilai’s bed and observed her. One of them then proceeded to confirm her identify, “Are you Xu Weilai?”

Xu Weilai nodded and replied, “Yes, I’m Xu Weilai.”

“Now that you’ve regained your consciousness, will you be able to answer my questions accurately?” he checked.

“Yes,” said Xu Weilai.

“Alright, let’s begin then,” the policeman declared.

The officer then proceeded to ask about the flow and details of the incident. Xu Weilai shared her experience and everything that she knew honestly and fluidly until the officer asked about the identity of her attacker.

“Did you see your assailant’s appearance? Was it someone you know?”

Xu Weilai took in a deep breath before she slowly replied, “She was wearing a mask but her eyes were exposed and I saw them clearly. I know who she is.”

“Who?” the police pressed on.

She then emphasized, “Yun Rou!”

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