My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again

Chapter 511 - I'm Actually Very Sad (1)

Chapter 511: I’m Actually Very Sad (1)

Before Xu Shuai could let out a sigh of relief, Xu Weilai’s sudden twist of words brought his heart to his mouth again. Staring at her nervously, he prompted, “But?”

Xu Shuai does not really want to hear what Xu Weilai was about to say and neither does Xu Weilai want to face the truth either. But ultimately, there was a need to voice out her doubts and thus, she detailed, “Chunchun asked me to go on a trip with her to the hot spring and even specified not to bring other family members along. It was a trip for both of us to enjoy some time together. I’m not sure if she was sincere about it or if she had ulterior motives. When I was soaking in the hot spring, she gave me a cup of water and after drinking it, I began to feel dizzy. Subsequently, I returned to my room to rest and while I was unconscious, someone transported me to the mountain. Chunchun might have known about it, or perhaps…she could have assisted Yun Rou.”

Xu Weilai’s fingers inevitably trembled as she uttered the last few words.

She couldn’t care less about the identity of the person who helped Yun Rou as long as it wasn’t Xiao Chun who was like a sister to her and who had accompanied her throughout her days of youth from her teenage years up to her twenties.

If Xiao Chun truly betrayed her, it would hurt even more than what it felt when Yun Rou stabbed her multiple times.

It suddenly quietened down in the spacious ward and both Xu Weilai and Xu Shuai were breathing heavily. Gu Yu appeared calm but looked increasingly secretive.

“That’s impossible…” Xu Shuai subconsciously denied. He was the first to react and reasoned, “Chunchun is on good terms with you and both of you have been friends for many years. Besides, she doesn’t interact much with Yun Rou. They’re acquaintances at best. Why would she help Yun Rou to harm you? That doesn’t make sense!”

Xu Shuai knew that Xiao Chun had feelings towards Gu Yu, but even if she wanted to snatch him from Xu Weilai, with her intelligence, she would never do something like this, which is full of loopholes. After all, it would make her the greatest suspect and she would only be finding trouble for herself.

“Yes, I don’t think that’s possible too. Chunchun has been treating me well throughout these years. She might have been able to hide her true colors for a short period of time, but it’s impossible for her to conceal it so flawlessly for so long.”

Xu Weilai licked her dry lips and pondered for a moment before she continued to analyze, “But I disagree with the point that Chunchun and Yun Rou are just acquaintances.”

Xu Shuai was surprised and probed, “Why?”

Xu Weilai recollected, “There was once when Chunchun and I were in a square and we saw an interview of Yun Rou before she returned. At that point in time, Chunchun’s face turned deathly pale and her behavior was very strange. I suspect that she’s already acquainted with Yun Rou and there’s more to their relationship than meets the eye.”

“Didn’t know that such a thing happened,” Xu Shuai exclaimed.

Other than Gu Yu, Xu Shuai was the closest with Xiao Chun and they all knew each other well. It was unlikely for him to be kept in the dark if Xiao Chun had been close with Yun Rou. “Unless… Xiao Chun deliberately concealed this,” he thought.

“But what kind of relationship could they have that would make Xiao Chun help Yun Rou at all costs?” he wondered.

“Oh right, when I woke up on the mountains and saw the man in black, I initially thought she was Chunchun. Their eyes were too similar and even though I knew Chunchun well, for a moment, I failed to recognise that it wasn’t her.”

Xu Weilai frowned and subconsciously clenched her fists as she explained, “Yun Rou might have deliberately applied makeup so that her physical appearance would resemble Chunchun or… There could be some other reason.”

Xu Shuai took some time before he managed to process what Xu Weilai had said. He stood rooted to the spot with a serious expression on his face and after a long time, then looked up at Xu Weilai and declared, “I’ll get to the bottom of this. I also want to know what’s going on.”

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