My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again

Chapter 494 - I’ll Go Wherever You Go (2)

Chapter 494: I’ll Go Wherever You Go (2)

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Gu Yu fell silent on the other end of the phone.

Xu Weilai understood his concerns. After all, she had just experienced a dangerous situation, so he would naturally be more cautious and paranoid. However, she couldn’t possibly remain at home for the rest of her life just because of this. Xu Weilai also does not want Gu Yu to worry for her all the time.

Xu Weilai pursed her lips and, trying to sound as relaxed as possible, assured, “Gu Yu, I’m going out to have fun, not to cover the news, so there’s no danger involved. You couldn’t possibly stop me from hanging out, could you? Wouldn’t lose my personal freedom and wouldn’t my life be so boring then?”

After a pause, she deliberately added, “If you don’t allow me to go out to have fun, then I could only stick to you. I’ll go wherever you go. I don’t care even if it disrupts your work.”

Right after she said this, Gu Yu immediately replied, “Sure.”


Xu Weilai nearly choked and quickly explained, “I was just joking. Don’t… Don’t take it seriously!”

The apartment was quiet and when Gu Yu’s voice came through the phone, sounded distant and profound, “Xu Weilai, it’ll be great if I could take you with me wherever I go.”

While he wasn’t sweet-talking, Xu Weilai couldn’t help but smile when she heard this.

She subconsciously twined her fingers in her hair and sounded gentler as she continued, “Not unless I’m Thumbelina. If I’m Thumbelina, you could keep me in your pocket and I could be with you wherever you go.”

“Change into Thumbelina then,” Gu Yu replied.


Xu Weilai was rendered speechless and, for a moment, does not know whether to laugh or feel exasperated. She could not help but wonder why she had never noticed how clingy Gu Yu was in the past.

Just when she was thinking of a comeback, she heard Assistant Lin reminding Gu Yu about his meeting on the other end of the line. She hurriedly replied, “Gu Yu, you should get back to work. The earlier you finish, the earlier you could come home to be with me and you wouldn’t have to worry about me then.”

Gu Yu remained silent for quite some time before he finally agreed, “Alright, call me right away if anything happens.”

“Okay,” Xu Weilai assured.

After hanging up the call, Gu Yu’s brows knitted into a frown. Ignoring Assistant Lin’s urging, he took out his phone and called Xu Shuai again.

As Gu Yu’s video conference had to be held in accordance with the time in Country M, it only ended at 4 a.m. As expected, Gu Yu managed to seal the deal for the project and Assistant Lin had booked the first flight in the morning to Country M for him.

The flight was at 8 a.m and Gu Yu could have rested in the lounge in his office for tor two hours before leaving for the airport.

However, he simply grabbed his phone and car keys and strode out of the office.

Assistant Lin asked in surprise, “CEO Gu, where are you going? It’s so late already.”

Without even looking back, Gu Yu replied, “Home.”

“…” Assistant Lin was at a loss as to what to say.

The trip from the office to Gu Yu’s apartment would take at least forty minutes and it would take an hour to go directly from the apartment to the airport. This meant that Gu Yu would only be able to stay in the apartment for around ten minutes.

“He really has to race against time just to catch a glimpse of the Young Mistress,” Assistant Lin thought.

“Fine by me. I know nuts about love anyway,” Assistant Lin concluded.

Xu Weilai was groggy with sleep and could barely open her eyes when she heard footsteps approaching. When she saw Gu Yu’s familiar figure, she almost thought she was dreaming until he caressed her face.

After being stunned for a moment, she forced herself to open her eyes and when she confirmed that the man before her was not an illusion, her pupils constricted. “You’re…back?” she asked hesitantly.

Gu Yu did not answer her and, instead, leaned over suddenly and planted his thin lips on hers.

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