My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again

Chapter 493 - I'll go wherever you go (1)

Chapter 493: I’ll go wherever you go (1)

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Xiao Chun had always enjoyed having people around and hanging out in large groups wherever she went. But this time, she actually suggested taking a trip with just the two of them.

Just when Xu Weilai was still puzzled over what Xiao Chun had said, Xiao Chun seemed to have sensed it as well, for she quickly dropped her another message, “We haven’t hung out alone for a long time, so we should have a good catch up and avoid having a third party to disturb us. Little Weilai, it’s a date then!”

Since Xiao Chun had offered an explanation for the matter, Xu Weilai did not pursue it further.

It was, indeed, a long time since they caught up. Xiao Chun had been extremely busy since she started working in the Gu Corporation. Meanwhile, Xu Weilai was also busy with all sorts of things after her marriage. Since their schedules could finally match this time, Xu Weilai felt that she should not waste the rare opportunity.

Thus, she agreed and wrote, “Sure!”

“Great, I’ll drop by to pick you up tomorrow morning then,” replied Chunchun Ready For Action.

After Xu Weilai returned to her room, she tossed her phone onto the bedside table and threw herself onto the bed. Hugging onto the pillow, she closed her eyes and continued to catch up on her sleep.

It was very quiet in the apartment since there was no one else at home and because Xu Weilai was also very tired, she slept like a log. When she finally woke up and looked at the time on her phone, she realised that it was already past 7 p.m. in the evening.

The sky outside had darkened and it was pitch black in the room.

She reached over to turn on the wall lamp and the warm yellow light lit up the room. She then got up from bed and walked into the bathroom to wash her face and freshen up. When she came out of the bathroom, her phone rang.

After she strode over quickly and picked up the phone, realised that it was a call from Gu Yu. Her lips curled up into a smile as she answered the call, “Hello.”

When Gu Yu heard her hoarse voice, teased, “Just woke up?”

“This is all your fault, ” Xu Weilai inevitably complained.

Gu Yu chuckled lightly but admitted his mistake, “Yes, it’s my fault. I’ll try my best next time.”

“…” Xu Weilai was rendered speechless and puffed her cheeks in frustration.

“Why did I bring this up? I obviously know that he’s more shameless than me,” Xu Weilai thought.

“Ahem,” She cleared her throat lightly and forcefully tried to change the topic. “Are you going to work overtime again today?” she asked.

After all, Gu Yu should have been back in the apartment already, but now he’s only giving her a call.

“Yes, there’s a video conference tonight. I’ll probably be busy until late at night and might not be able to come home. If I can settle this project tonight, I’ll have to fly to Country M tomorrow morning to sign the contract. I’ll probably stay there for three days.”

Gu Yu lowered his voice and sounded slightly worried as he continued, “You’ll have to stay alone since Mrs. Lin isn’t in the apartment now. Maybe I could get her to come back to keep you company.”

“It’s fine,” Xu Weilai declined.

Ever since her injury, she felt that Gu Yu had been excessively anxious about her and she felt that his current suggestion was really taking things too seriously.

She was already an adult and does not need anyone to babysit her in the house.

“Grandpa couldn’t do without Mrs. Lin. After all, she had cared for him for many years and he’s already used to it. Mrs. Lin should stay with him now that he’s in poor health. I’ll just stay in the apartment. Everything will be fine. Moreover, I have a date with Chunchun tomorrow. We are going to a hot spring in the mountain and will stay over for a night. She’ll be with me so don’t worry, alright?”

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