My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again

Chapter 492 - Do Whatever You Want (2)

Chapter 492: Do Whatever You Want (2)

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“Gu Yu, you could do whatever you want… ”

Xu Weilai almost exhausted all her strength just to say this and after she spoke, kept her head down, for she does not dare to look at Gu Yu at all. In fact, she even subconsciously held her breath.

Gu Yu was initially stunned but when he gradually absorbed what Xu Weilai had said, a sudden cunning glint flashed across his eyes. He then held her chin again with his slender fingers and forced her to raise her head.

When their eyes met, Gu Yu’s lips curled up into a charming yet wicked smile and he asked in a deep voice, “Are you sure?”

Xu Weilai could not help but gulp a few times and her gaze flickered as she replied with uncertainty, “On second thought… Maybe not…”

However, Gu Yu never gave her the chance to regret or finish her sentence.

Xu Weilai only woke up in the afternoon the next day and struggled to get out of bed. After she entered the bathroom to take a hot bath, the soreness in her body finally eased up slightly.

While she was eating lunch, she could not help but curse silently. Men dig their graves with their own teeth and she should have known better than to allow Gu Yu to do whatever he wanted with her out of impulse, for Gu Yu really went as far as the limits allowed.

Her cheeks inevitably began to burn as this thought crossed her mind.

She was supposed to work out at Coach Simon’s place today, but her limbs were all weak and she wouldn’t have the energy to exercise even if she went. Thus, she could only pick up her phone and drop Simon a WeChat text to take the day off.

After sending out the text, she happened to see Gu Yu’s WeChat profile picture and glared at it with resentment.

Xu Weilai washed the dishes after she had finished her meal and opened the refrigerator to retrieve the jar of bird’s nest that Mrs. Lin had prepared earlier before. She then opened the glass jar, poured some bird’s nest into a cup and added some honey before she ate it.

This was a premium grade bird’s nest from Xiao Chun and since Xu Weilai had been eating it for some time, her skin was becoming increasingly refined, fair and radiant.

It then occurred to Xu Weilai that she had not seen Xiao Chun in court yesterday after the lawsuit although she had attended the hearing. Xu Weilai could not help but wonder if Xiao Chun had left early because she had something to attend to.

All of a sudden, her phone began to ring.

Xu Weilai initially thought that it was a reply from Simon but upon picking up her phone to look, realised that it was a message from Xiao Chun.

“Gosh…Speak of the devil!” she thought and tapped on her phone screen to open the chat.

“Little Weilai, I’m sorry. I had something on yesterday, so I couldn’t congratulate you on winning the lawsuit. You know what? Since I’m off from work on the weekends two days later, why don’t we go to the hot spring?” wrote Chunchun Ready For Action.

“So she indeed left because she had something on,” Xu Weilai thought.

However, she was not bothered by Xiao Chun’s absence, for she knew that Xiao Chun cared about her and had sat throughout the entire trial yesterday until she was acquitted. Thus, Xiao Chun wasn’t in a hurry to congratulate her.

Xu Weilai was kept idle during this period of time, for her Big Boss had granted her a vacation while Gu Yu was busy with work. Since she had not met or chatted with Xiao Chun in a long time as well, she decided to go for the trip.

‘”Sure!” Lil’ Lil’ Weilai agreed.

Xiao Chun immediately replied her with a happy emoji.

“The hot spring is on a mountain in the suburbs. Let’s stay over for a night if we were to go. We could also hike and enjoy the scenery. We haven’t hung out for a long time so we must have a whale of a good time!” wrote Chunchun Ready For Action.

Lil’ Lil’ Weilai replied, “Up to you! I’m fine with anything.”

Around a minute later, Xiao Chun dropped her another message, “I’m going to book a room now. Little Weilai, this trip will be strictly for us sisters, so please don’t bring any family members along!”

A hint of surprise flashed across Xu Weilai’s jet black eyes.

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