My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again

Chapter 495 - Pining Even Before He Left (1)

Chapter 495: Pining Even Before He Left (1)

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Xu Weilai wasn’t completely clear awake to begin with and when Gu Yu started to kiss her, she became even dizzier and could only receive his advances blankly.

Xu Weilai was still in a daze when Gu Yu eventually straightened his back. It was a quiet night and only the sound of her rapid breaths could be heard. Gu Yu then stroked her lips with his fingertips and explained hoarsely, “Go back to sleep. I have to go.”

Xu Weilai was stunned and subconsciously asked, “So soon?”

“He’s only been home for a few minutes and yet he’s leaving already?” she thought.

“Yes,” Gu Yu confirmed and raised his hand to read the time on his watch. “I could only stay for ten minutes. Nine minutes have passed already, so I have to leave for the airport now.”

“…” Xu Weilai was rendered speechless.

Xu Weilai helped herself up and glanced at the clock on the wall. When she saw that it was 4:50 a.m in the morning, she instantly realised that Gu Yu had used the break before his flight to rush home and meet her right after his meeting ended.

She inevitably felt sorry for him when she saw the stubble on his lips from having stayed up all night. “If you’re in such a hurry, you might as well rest at the office. Isn’t it tiring for you to rush back like this?” she remarked.

Gu Yu nodded without hesitation and agreed, “I’m quite tired.”


While Xu Weilai felt sorry for him, but during times like this, men would usually reply that it wasn’t tiring as long as they could meet their lover. His current reply was as good as killing the conversation.

Xu Weilai was at a loss for words.

“It’s fine that he doesn’t know how to sweet-talk, but who would have expected him to be so straightforward as well? How am I supposed to respond to that?” Xu Weilai wondered.

Just when Xu Weilai was still puzzled and troubled by what Gu Yu had said, his handsome features suddenly magnified before her. In the next instant, he sealed her lips with his again. However, before she could even react, he quickly moved away.

A dark, gloomy expression rippled across Gu Yu’s eyes and his voice sounded increasingly low and hoarse as he concluded, “With this, I wouldn’t feel tired anymore.”

Xu Weilai had to hold back and force herself not to grin like a fool. “Who said that Gu Yu is clueless about flirting? He’s so irresistible when he actually makes a move,” she mused.

After she inhaled a deep breath, said, “it’s almost time now. Hurry and leave for the airport. Don’t miss your flight. I’ll send you out.”

As she spoke, she prepared to get out of bed.

“Go back to sleep,” Gu Yu insisted.

Gripping hold of Xu Weilai’s shoulder, he pushed her back into the bed firmly and warned, “You don’t need to get up. Otherwise, I’ll really have to put you in my pocket and take you with me.”

Xu Weilai really wanted to challenge him to keep her in his pocket if he could.

However, the words remained stuck in her throat, for her last bit of rationality persuaded her against rebutting Gu Yu. She was well aware that Gu Yu would really act on his words if she were to bring it up.

She had no intention to bother him since he was going on a business trip.

“Alright, I’ll go back to sleep. Hurry and leave,” Xu Weilai could not help but urge.

“If he doesn’t leave now, he wouldn’t be the only one who’s reluctant to part. I would be as well,” she thought.

At the same time, Gu Yu’s phone began to ring. Assistant Lin was probably calling to remind him to head over to the airport.

A hint of reluctance flashed across Gu Yu’s eyes. Finally, he pursed his thin lips tautly and stood up before he strode towards the bedroom door.

Xu Weilai then heard the sound of the apartment door opening and closing. The sound Gu Yu’s footsteps gradually faded away and Xu Weilai’s heart was filled with an immense sense of yearning. Eventually, she tossed her blankets aside and slid out of bed. Without even bothering to put her shoes on, she ran over to the balcony barefooted and looked downstairs.

She was just in time to catch him as he walked over to the car. However, just when he was about to get into the car after opening the door, he suddenly paused.

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