My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again

Chapter 489 - Complete Devotion (1)

Chapter 489: Complete Devotion (1)

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As both of them were seated quite close to each other, Gu Xue could easily see Xu Zhanwang’s phone screen from the corner of her eye and she spied a name ‘Wenwen’, which was obviously a girl’s name.

As expected, Xu Zhanwang smiled when he saw the name and his expression softened. He also sounded extremely gentle when he answered the call.

The girl seemed to be calling to ask about the outcome of the lawsuit. After Xu Zhanwang reported to her truthfully, added, “I’ll be back in school soon. Remember to think of me even when I’m not around because I think of you all the time.”

Gu Xue bit her lower lip subconsciously.

After Xu Zhanwang exchanged a few more words with the girl, it seemed like she had to get back to her work, for he appeared reluctant as he hung up the call.

Gu Xue hesitated for some time before she took in two deep breaths and asked, “Xu Zhanwang, the girl who called you just now… Is she your girlfriend?”

Xu Zhanwang flipped his phone nimbly with slender fingers and turned to look at her when he heard her question. With a smile, he shook his and replied, “No.”

“So…she isn’t his girlfriend after all?” Gu Xue thought and her heart inevitably skipped a beat.

But in the next moment, he added, “She’s my wife.”


Gu Xue was instantly rendered speechless. After being stunned for a few seconds, asked incredulously, “You’re… You’re married?”

“But isn’t he still studying?” she wondered.

Xu Zhanwang seemed to be amused by her adorable expression and could not help but roar with laughter. Supporting his head and resting his elbow against the car window, he squinted at her and elaborated, “I’m not married yet, but I’m certain that she’s the one. In my heart, she’s already my wife.”

“I see…” Gu Xue replied with a bitter smile. “You’re so serious about your relationship. She’s so blessed to be loved by you.”

“That’s for sure,” Xu Zhanwang agreed without bothering to be modest. “I’m just like my sister. To me, I’d either have no feelings towards a person or be completely devoted to the person whom I like.”

Without saying anything else, Gu Xue turned away to look out of the car window. Her love had ended before it could even begin.

At night, after Gu Yu showered and came out of the bathroom, saw Xu Weilai lying on the bed and watching a video on her phone. He does not know what she was watching, but he could read the happiness that was written all over her face.

She had been watching it before he showered and was still watching it even after he had showered.

Gu Yu dried his hair casually with a towel before he tossed it onto the armrest of the sofa and walked over to sit on the bed. His jet black eyes landed on her grinning face and he asked in a deep, pleasant voice, “What are you watching?”

Xu Weilai, who was resting her chin on her hands, looked up at him when she heard his question and beamed before she answered mischievously, “I’m…watching you.”

“Watching me?” Gu Yu thought.

Raising his eyebrows, Gu Yu lowered his head to look at her screen and realised that it was actually a video of him that was shot while he was fighting the lawsuit in court earlier on. After being stunned for a moment, he could not help but laugh and ask, “How did this come about?”

Xu Weilai flipped over and rested her head on his lap leisurely before she gazed at his charming face and replied truthfully, “Assistant Lin secretly recorded it and sent it to me. She said that it’s for my keeping.”

“I see,” Gu Yu noted.

He then lowered his voice and muttered, “Xu Weilai, is this so interesting to watch?”

“Of course,” Xu Weilai replied without hesitation. “That’s why I still can’t get enough of this although it’s only a few minutes long and that I’ve already watched it many times.”

A pleased look flashed across Gu Yu’s eyes and he said with a chuckle, “Don’t bother watching the video. I’m here in blood and flesh for you to look at. You can watch me for all you like.”

“Sure,” Xu Fuji chirped and stared right back at Gu Yu’s his beautiful, jet black eyes.

Gu Yu caressed her face gently with his fingertips before he gradually moved his head closer and closer to her. However, just when he was about to touch Xu Weilai’s lips, her phone began to ring.

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