My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again

Chapter 488 - One of Us (2)

Chapter 488: One of Us (2)

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When Xu Weilai noticed how Gu Xue’s cheeks were flushing red with anxiety, quickly explained on her behalf, “Yes, Xiao Xue’s on my side now. She has given up her wrong way of life for a better one.”

“Oh?” Xu Zhanwang finally glanced towards Gu Xue with his jet black eyes and his lips curled up into a smile as he verified, “So she’s one of us?”

“One of us…” Gu Xue thought and her cheeks strangely began to burn.

In a voice as soft as a mosquito’s, she confirmed, “Yes, I’m on your side.”

In the next instant, Xu Zhanwang extended his hand to her and said, “Since we’re on the same team, then I look forward to working with you.”

His hand was slender, fair and so beautiful that she was almost dazzled by it.

Gu Xue stared dazedly at it for two seconds before she managed to suppress her nervousness and reach her hand over slowly to shake his hands.

His palm was dry and warm and the moment she held it, felt as if a current was coursing through her body rapidly. Her heart began to thump louder and louder.

“Xu Zhanwang, it’s…it’s a pleasure to work with you,” she stuttered and flushed right up to her ears at the mention of the young lad’s name.

After the group exited the court, Mr. Gu Sr. instructed Xu Weilai to cleanse his hands with pomelo water when she reached home so as to wash away her bad luck.

Xu Weilai smiled and assured, “Sure, Grandpa Gu.”

Mr. Lin then drove over the car over and after Mrs. Lin helped Mr. Gu Sr. into the car, sat in the passenger seat. During this period of time, she would remain in the Gu family manor to take care of Mr. Gu Sr. and would not go to the apartment.

Meanwhile, Assistant Lin and Xu Shuai, too, drove their cars over.

Assistant Lin instinctively wanted to send Gu Yu and Xu Weilai home. Initially, he even wanted to bring Xu Zhanwang along. However, as the Xu residence was in a different direction from the Gu residence, Xu Zhanwang declined, “I’ll just take a taxi home by myself. It’ll save us the trouble of making a huge detour. Sis, you must be tired. Go home and rest early.”

Xu Weilai accepted his kind intentions when she saw how considerate he was.

As Xu Shuai was heading towards the direction of Gu Xue’s home, beckoned to her and offered, “Xiao Xue, come and ride home with a hot hunk like me.”

Gu Xue immediately backed off and shook her head without hesitation. “No, it’s fine,” she rejected.

Feeling surprised, Xu Shuai asked, “Aren’t you going home?”

Gu Xue’s eyes twinkled as she explained, “Oh… Well, I need to get something so I’m not going home yet. Handsome, you can go ahead. Don’t mind me.”

Xu Weilai, who was already in the car, rolled down the window when she heard what Gu Xue said and asked, “Xiao Xue, where are you going to? We could give you a lift if it’s on the way.”

“It’s out of your way,” Gu Xue quickly declined before she snuck a swift glance at Xu Zhanwang. After she ran a quick search in her mind for a mall that was in the same direction as the Xu Residence, added, “I’m going to Mall A.”

Xu Zhanwang, who had already called for a cab, turned to look at Gu Xue when he heard what she had said and offered, “You’re heading towards the same direction as me. Come on teammate, I’ll give you a ride.”

Suppressing the joy in her heart, Gu Xue agreed softly, “Sure.”

Xu Zhanwang then opened the back door of the car and cocked his head to signal for her to get in. “Ladies First,” he said.

“Thank you,” Gu Xue replied.

She then bent over and got into the car slowly.

Xu Weilai quickly reminded her brother, “Zhanwang, take good care of Xiaoxue.”

“Don’t worry,” Xu Zhanwang assured.

After Xu Zhanwang got into the car and closed the door, instructed the driver, “We’ll head over to Mall A first.”

The cars drove off towards their respective destinations and quickly disappeared among the flow of traffic on the road.

There was a moment of silence in the car and just when Gu Xue was hesitating about whether she should start a conversation with Xu Zhanwang, his cellphone began to ring.

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