My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again

Chapter 487 - One of Us (1)

Chapter 487: One of Us (1)

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“He’s so adorable!” Xu Weilai gushed.

It was no wonder that she would fall for Gu Yu and love him so dearly.

He could be overbearing or gentle when the situation calls for it. While he appeared to be cold initially, but he gradually warmed up over time and now, she realised that he could be adorable as well.

It was hard for Xu Weilai not to like him when he was multifaceted and excelled in all areas.

Since Xu Weilai had obtained Gu Yu’s permission, she naturally wouldn’t forgo the opportunity and when she hugged Xu Zhanwang tightly in her arms, her nose inevitably began to sting.

She had encountered a serious incident and if it wasn’t for Gu Yu’s ability to turn the tides today, she would have been jailed. However, neither of her parents showed up.

They were supposed to tide through this with her and yet it seemed as if they couldn’t wait to cut ties with her.

Perhaps it was the sense of telepathy between siblings, for Xu Zhanwang seemed to have sensed how upset his sister was and hugged her tightly. “Sister, no matter what happens, I’ll always be by your side to support you no matter what happens,” he comforted.

Xu Weilai and her brother were each other’s closest kin rather than their cold and heartless parents who only cared about profit.

Xu Weilai’s heart warmed up for honestly speaking, although her parents had disappointed her terribly, she was grateful for the fact that they had given birth to Xu Zhanwang who was such a good younger brother.

When Gu Xue walked over and her jet black eyes flitted over to Xu Zhanwang’s face and her heart strangely began to race. She could not seem to calm down at all.

“So is Sister-in-law’s younger brother? Sister-in-law’s so beautiful, so it’s no wonder that her younger brother would be handsome as well,” Gu Xue thought.

“It’s just like how it is for me and Brother Yu. Brother Yu looked as stunning as Adonis himself, so it’s only natural that I, as his cousin, would be pretty and charming too,” she ruminated.

Xu Weilai caught a glimpse of Gu Xue from the corner of her eye and quickly drew away from Xu Zhanwang and looked towards her. “Xiao Xue,” she called out.

Gu Xue then came forward and hugged Xu Weilai before she exclaimed excitedly, “Sister-in-law, it’s great that you and Brother Yu won! I haven’t been able to eat or sleep well for the past few days as I was so worried that something would happen to you!”

“You silly girl,” Xu Weilai chided and stroked her head. “As your sister-in-law, I wouldn’t allow the bad guys to have their way with us so easily.”

“Yes, with brother Yu around, the bad guys wouldn’t be able to get close to you either,” Gu Xue added.

“Well… That’s true,” Xu Weilai tacitly agreed.

The two of them hugged for quite some time before parting and Gu Xue then pretended to glance at Xu Zhanwang casually before she asked, “Sister-in-law, so he’s your younger brother?”

“Oh yes,” Xu Weilai said with a smile. “I forgot to make introductions,” she remarked apologetically.

Xu Weilai then took hold of Gu Xue’s arm and led her over to Xu Zhanwang before she introduced, “Zhanwang, this is Gu Xue, Gu Yu’s paternal cousin.”

“Gu Xue? ” Xu Zhanwang repeated and frowned slightly. “Sis, is she part of the Gu family that was always finding trouble with you in the past?”

Gu Xue’s expression changed slightly and, as if she was afraid of leaving a bad impression on him, explained hurriedly, “I was too young and ignorant back then, but I’ve changed. I like Sister-in-law very much now. I won’t bully her anymore.”

After a pause, she glanced at Xu Weilai and continued, “You could verify with Sister-in-law if you don’t believe me. I really like her a lot.”

Gu Xue’s reaction surprised Xu Weilai, for she had always been as arrogant as a princess and would never be so anxious to explain herself to others. “Does she love me so much that she’s willing to take in the good with the bad and accept everything that’s related to me?” Xu Weilai wondered.

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