My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again

Chapter 486 - I'll Help You (2)

Chapter 486: I’ll Help You (2)

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A mix of complicated emotions flashed across Xiao Chun’s face and she opened her mouth to say something but the words remained stuck in her throat when she saw the look of desperation in Yun Rou’s eyes. She seemed as if she was practically grasping at straws.

Xiao Chun then closed her eyes and took a deep breath. When she finally opened her eyes again, she appeared determined. “I’ll help you if this is what you want,” she agreed.

When Yun Rou heard this, her eyes brightened up and her terrifyingly ferocious and manic expression slowly disappeared. She gradually became gentle and amiable.

“Chunchun, I knew you would definitely help me. You’ve been helping me out throughout these years and I’m so happy about it. I genuinely am!”

As if she was trying to hide something, Xiao Chun lowered her gaze and after some time, she then replied in a low voice, “As long as you’re happy.”

Her voice was so low it almost sounded hoarse.

“That’s a promise then!” Yun Rou chirped and narrowed her eyes as if she was imagining how it would be like if Xu Weilai were to disappear from this world. “Xu Weilai certainly won’t be able to escape her fate since we’re working together this time. After all, she trusts you very much, doesn’t she?” Yun Rou noted.

In the next instant, she laughed maniacally and declared, “Xu Weilai must be thinking that she had won and could be with Yu now. But if I can’t have him, then neither could she. I’m the one who’ll have the last laugh!”

After Gu Xue stood up, Xu Zhanwang immediately released his grip on her and strode towards Xu Weilai.

Gu Yu’s hand was still around Xu Weilai’s waist and Xu Zhanwang stared fixedly at it for a few seconds before he finally glanced up at Xu Weilai’s face and greeted, “Sister.”

“Little Zhanwang!” Xu Yuwei yelled at her beloved younger brother and quickly released Gu Yu without any hesitation so that she could hug Xu Zhanwang.

But before she could embrace him, was restrained by Gu Yu, whose hand was still wrapped around her waist. When she turned around, saw that his eyes were brimming with fierce possessiveness and he was even frowning with displeasure.

Xu Weilai was stunned for a moment and subsequently, couldn’t help but laugh, “Gu Yu, Little Zhanwang is my younger brother!”

‘We’re related by blood. We’re real biological siblings!” she thought.

However, instead of releasing her, Gu Yu tightened his arms around her even more.

Since he had rejected everyone else and reserved his embrace for her alone, he expected her to show him the same level of reciprocation.

Xu Weilai felt both exasperated and amused. Reaching her finger over, she poked his handsome, tensed face and chided, “You’re so petty.”

This time, Xu Zhanwang was forced to watch the couple’s public display of affection alongside Assistant Lin and Xu Shuai.

In the past, Xu Zhanwang would have pulled his sister away from Gu Yu forcefully and stop him from getting any closer to her. However, he had sat through Xu Weilai’s full trial today and saw the unconcealable look of bliss on his sister’s face.

Thus, while he felt terrible over the fact that his beloved sister had been snatched away from him, he couldn’t help but accept Gu Yu.

With his lips pursed his lips, Xu Zhanwang’s eyes darted around as he muttered, “Brother… Brother-in-law.”

Gu Yu swept one glance at the uncomfortable expression on Xu Zhanwang’s young, handsome face with his jet black eyes and his lips curled up into a smile.

All of a sudden, he withdrew his hand from Xu Weilai’s waist and gestured gently at Xu Zhanwang with his chin and noted lazily, “Just once.”

“Once? What does he mean?” Xu Weilai wondered.

Confused by his random remark, she blinked repeatedly but soon realized that this was the only time that Little Zhanwang had addressed him as his brother-in-law. As Gu Yu was overjoyed, he allowed her to hug Xu Zhanwang.

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