My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again

Chapter 490 - Completely Devoted (2)

Chapter 490: Completely Devoted (2)

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Xu Weilai subconsciously turned to peek at her phone and Gu Yu’s lips landed on her cheek instead, causing him to frown with displeasure.

An unfamiliar number flashed on the screen.

Xu Weilai was slightly surprised and wondered who would call her at this time of night.

“I’ll answer the call first!” she informed Gu Yu before she sat upright and picked up the phone.

After she swiped her finger to answer the call, greeted, “Hello, who is this?”

“I’m Zuo,” said a man in a deep and cool voice.

“Zuo? Mr. Zuo?” Xu Weilai wondered.

She was momentarily stunned and blinked her jet black eyes repeatedly. Gradually, a look of surprise appeared on her face and she verified in disbelief, “Big… Big Boss?”

“Oh my god, Big Boss has always been an elusive man and though we’ve known each other for so long, we only communicated via email. Who would have thought that he would actually call me!” Xu Weilai mused.

Mr. Zuo seemed amused by the nickname which she had given him, for he chuckled and acknowledged graciously, “Yes, it’s me.”

Feeling a sudden need to sound more respectful, Xu Weilai replied politely, “Um, Sir, what a surprise to receive a call from you out of the blue. Do you…need something?”

“No, I heard that you won the case today. As your supervisor, I’m merely called to congratulate you,” he said.

This was his habitual practice. He would always check in on her whenever she encountered danger during her missions. Previously, he would either send her a bouquet of flowers or instruct his China-based assistant, Qiao Chu, to visit her. However, he had never called on her personally.

Apart from being shocked, Xu Weilai was also rather flattered.

“Big Boss, thanks for your concern,” she replied gratefully.

“I’m so sorry. This time, it was partially because of my negligence that someone managed to make use of this mission to frame you and cause such a huge saga. It’s a relief that the things that I asked Qiao Chu to send over managed to be of use to you. I’m glad that you’re fine now,” he said.

“Oh? Did Qiao Chu send something over?” Xu Weilai wondered.

“Did Big Boss provide some of the assertive evidence that Gu Yu presented in court?” she ruminated.

“It should be getting late in China. I shall not hold you up any longer. I wouldn’t assign you any more tasks for the time being. Take a break and contact me when you’ve had sufficient rest,” he informed.

After a pause, he added, “Your leave is paid.”

Xu Weilai could not help but smile. As expected, her supervisor knew what was the best way to make it up to her. Xu Weilai knew that he had always been generous and since this came from his good intentions, she accepted it without hesitation. “Thank you, Big Boss. Goodnight.”

After Xu Weilai hung up the call, she looked up and saw the gloomy expression in Gu Yu’s eyes. There was an obvious look of displeasure on his handsome face as he remarked coolly, “Big Boss?”

Xu Weilai felt a strange sense of chill down her spine.

She subconsciously cowered away and explained anxiously, “Well, it’s my boss, the founder of Z Magazine. He’s just calling to express his concern since such a serious thing happened to me this time.”

Gu Yu obviously knew who the man was. However, he was bothered by the special treatment that she was receiving from her boss. Once, he casually loaned her a billion yuan when she needed it. There was another time when he even told her to ask him for help should she encounter any trouble with her divorce.

He could not tell if Mr. Zuo was taking care of Xu Weilai because of his ties with the Gu family or for other reasons.

Although the Zuo family owed the Gu family a favor, only their grandfathers were acquainted and Gu Yu’s generation never interacted with members of the Zuo family. Mr. Zuo had already returned the favor by allowing Xu Weilai to join Z Magazine and there was actually no need for him to go to such great lengths to take such care of her.

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