My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again

Chapter 480 - To Turn the Tables (8)

Chapter 480: To Turn the Tables (8)

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Everyone waited for Gu Yu to reveal the new piece of evidence, but instead of doing so, he turned to the judge and requested, “Your Honor, I would like to invite everyone to take a look at the photo of the knife that Xu Weilai used to stab Yun Rou.”

“Permission granted,” the judge agreed.

The photo of a knife then appeared on the screen. To be more precise, it was actually just a dagger.

Gu Yu continued, “Your Honor, according to the plaintiff, Xu Weilai had stabbed her with this dagger. However, as the plaintiff was unconscious when she was stabbed, she did not manage to see how Xu Weilai wounded her hand.”

“Her injuries are extremely serious and because her nerves were damaged, the movement of her fingers are affected. Bear in mind that Xu Weilai isn’t a doctor and thus, she wouldn’t know which part of the hand to stab in order to hurt the plaintiff’s nerves. For an average adult female, the stabbing would lead to a hand injury but the chances of being maimed are actually low.”

“If that’s the case, then why is Yun Rou’s injury so serious? Was It really a coincidence that Xu Weilai managed to wound her in a vital area or could there be other reasons?” Gu Yu flagged out and Yun Rou began to swallow hard.

Her body was trembling slightly and her eyes were filled with a mix of panic and fear.

Gu Yu swept one glance at Yun Rou’s face and noticed that she appeared ashen and drained of color. He knew that she barely had any strength left to hold herself together, but he refused to go easy on her.

He had given her a chance before on account of his mother and had promised not to pursue what she had done in the past if she agreed to leave this place and never return again. But unfortunately, she still chose to court her own death.

Thus, all that he could do was to fulfil her wish and close in on his victory.

“Your Honor, please allow me to present the last piece of document in court,” he requested.

The judge nodded. “Permission granted!”

Gu Yu clicked on the remote control and the image on the screen was changed to that of a medical record. The patient was still Yun Rou and the report concluded that the nerves in her hands were damaged.

Yun Rou’s eyes widened in utter disbelief.

“Impossible! No way… That’s impossible! He couldn’t have found out about this! How on earth did he come to know about it?” Yun Rou wondered in horror.

Gu Yu’s lips curled up into a smile and he emphasized, “This was a medical record from two years ago before Yun Rou bought the insurance for her hand. She suffered from an accidental hand injury but since her career was just starting to rise at that point in time, she couldn’t allow the matter to be exposed. Thus, she secretly found a doctor to treat her hand. As she didn’t go through the proper means to receive treatment, no one knew of her past injury.”

“Although her hand recovered after physiotherapy, it’s still very weak. This time, when she’s stabbed with the dagger, it caused her past injury to recur and that was how it became so serious.”

“Since Xu Weilai knew nothing about the plaintiff’s past condition, how would she know where to stab? Only the plaintiff would know where her vital point was and what she should do to inflict the most serious injury on her hand. Therefore, I believe that my client did not stab her. I do not know whether the thugs were the ones responsible for the injury or if the plaintiff inflicted it upon herself, but I’m certain that my client is a victim of the incident and is absolutely innocent.”

“Your Honor, I implore you to pass an appropriate verdict for my client. She shouldn’t be guilty of the crimes of kidnapping and intentional assault.”

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