My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again

Chapter 481 - So Hot That I Could Barely Breathe (1)

Chapter 481: So Hot That I Could Barely Breathe (1)

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Gu Yu’s voice was as calm as ever, but every word he said was sonorous and powerful.

Even though the judge had yet to announce the final result, everyone seemed to have known it.

Fifteen minutes later, the judge finished listening to the closing arguments of both the prosecution and the defense. Under the tense waiting and staring of everyone, he said clearly word by word, “I declare that the defendant is not guilty of kidnapping and intentional assault, and will be released on the spot!”

He had won!

It could be said that there was a ninety-nine percent chance of losing the case, but Gu Yu had created that one percent miracle!

He helped Xu Weilai not only get rid of the kidnapping charge, even being acquitted on charges on intentional assault. He was so awesome!

Mr Gu sir. was leaning back and laughing unrestrainedly, till the tears came to his eye. Although his son and daughter-in-law had passed away early, they had left behind such a perfect and outstanding child. It was really his greatest blessing!

Gu Xue and Xu Zhanwang couldn’t wait to rush towards the released Xu Weilai. They wanted to hug her, but the two of them rushed towards each other almost at the same time. Neither of them noticed the other and bumped into each other halfway.

“Ouch! ”

“Ouch! ”

The two of them cried out in pain and were knocked back by the other’s force.

Xu Zhanwang staggered for a moment and soon regained his footing. But since Gu Xue was wearing high heels, her body was swaying, which made her couldn’t get her footing and start to fall backwards.

She cried out in panic again.

Seeing this, Xu Zhanwang subconsciously took a step forward and wrapped his arm around Gu Xue’s waist, preventing her from falling to the ground.

The pain did not didn’t break over Gu Xue. Instead, she was hugged into a firm embrace. Gu Xue looked up in a daze. What greeted her eyes was the man’s handsome, sunny face, which made her heart even skip a beat!

Assistant Lin and Xu Shuai walked towards Gu Yu the first time.

Xu Shuai clenched his fist and gently pounded the man’s shoulder. His tone was filled with admiration, “Yu, I’m really appreciate you. Back then, you took the bar exam for Xu Weilai. I originally thought that it was just a trick to please her, but in the end… you’re not just playing around, you’re actually professional. I’m completely convinced!”

At the side, assistant Lin’s eyes were also filled with admiration and even contained the light of adoration from a big fan. At this moment, his blood was boiling and full of excitement. He could not consider of his previous respect for Gu Yu and opened his arms to pounce on him, “President Gu, you’re really amazing. I love you! ”

However, when he pounced on him, Gu Yu did unhesitatingly took a step back. Assistant Lin missed and instantly felt hurt. “President Gu, how could you refused my love? Are you serious? ”

Gu Yu lifted his eyelids lazily and nodded unceremoniously. “I’m serious! ”

” … ”

He continued, “My embrace belongs to my wife alone. Even if you guys are male, please keep a distance from me! ”

“Also, don’t have any thoughts about me. I’m married, and I refuse to the ugly person! ”

Xu Shuai: ” … ”

Assistant Lin: ” … ”

After saying that, Gu Yu didn’t even look at them anymore and walked towards Xu Weilai.

Not waiting for him to take a few steps, Xu Weilai had already run over him at lightning speed. She directly rushed into his embrace and hugged him tightly.

Before Gu Yu could react, Xu Weilai’s lips were close to his ear and she said what she wanted to say the most.

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