My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again

Chapter 479 - To Turn the Tables (7)

Chapter 479: To Turn the Tables (7)

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Gu Yu’s lips curled up into a smile and he said, “We didn’t have a problem before but now that you mentioned, why is it so coincidental that you chose to increase your insurance premium the night before you were kidnapped by the crooks? It’s almost as if you’ve predicted in advance that your hand would be seriously injured. I have reason to believe that it’s not a coincidence!”

Yun Rou found it increasingly hard to maintain a straight face.

Without waiting for her reply, Lawyer Qian stood up and shouted, “Objection! Objection to the groundless speculations made by the defendant’s lawyer!”

Gu Yu quickly explained, “Your Honor, my speculation is absolutely reasonable. The plaintiff had purchased insurance for her hand a long time ago and it’s reasonable for her to increase the insurance premiums. I wouldn’t question her decision if it happened at any other time. However, she chose to do this the night before the kidnapping. I also ran through her call log and discovered that she had made an urgent request to increase her insurance premiums at past 11 p.m that night, which was already after office hours.”

“Assuming that it’s true that she had done it because the thought happened to come to her mind, then she could have waited to do it in the morning during normal working hours. Isn’t this more logical as compared to making a sudden request in the middle of the night?”

The judge frowned and after he thought about it for a moment, agreed with Gu Yu’s argument, “Objection overruled. Plaintiff, please provide your response to this.”

Yun Rou’s long eyelashes began to quiver uncontrollably and her eyes flickered. Probably because she could not find a good explanation for the time being, she remained silent.

The judge probed again, “Plaintiff, please provide your response.”

Yun Rou closed her eyes. As she knew that she couldn’t refuse to answer, stammered, “I… I’m an impatient person. If something comes to mind, I’ll work on it immediately. That was why I called my insurance agent in the middle of the night. I didn’t care about whether it was working hours or not because I’m close to my agent.”

Gu Yu snickered and replied, “So you’re still going to insist that it was a last-minute decision?”

“Yes!” Yun Rou said firmly.

“It was a last-minute decision that was made in a hurry, but you’ve increased your premiums by a rather significant amount. In other words, you’ll receive a huge compensation when your hands are crippled during this incident.”

A mocking expression appeared in Gu Yu’s eyes. He then instructed someone to present Yun Rou’s insurance policy and flashed it on the screen. Everyone widened their eyes when they saw the amount of compensation that Yun Rou would receive.

Yun Rou instantly looked extremely uncomfortable.

“Your Honor, the plaintiff has been emphasizing on how her hand was crippled by my client and how this has ruined her future career prospects and life. But judging from this insurance policy, the amount of compensation is enough to allow her to live lavishly for the rest of her life even if she couldn’t play the piano for a living or do anything at all in future.”

Previously, everyone was moved when Lawyer Qian had played the sympathy card. But now, their reaction back then suddenly seemed somewhat laughable.

“Yun Rou already had a backup plan and it was very likely that she had planned it in advance. Was she using everyone’s sympathy as a weapon to attack Xu Weilai?” everyone wondered

After everyone had processed this information, Gu Yu then continued unhurriedly, “For the time being, I’m not sure if it’s a coincidence that you’ve increased your insurance premiums or if you have good foresight. However, there’s one thing that I’m very clear about.”

“Does he still have other evidence?” The crowd mused.

Lawyer Qian could barely look up and had lost all strength to defend himself.

Right now, the chances of convicting Xu Weilai had become very slim, but Gu Yu continued to take things up a notch.

“Could it be that his goal is not just to exonerate Xu Weilai, but also to make Yun Rou pay the price for her actions?” he wondered.

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