My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again

Chapter 478 - To Turn the Tables (6)

Chapter 478: To Turn the Tables (6)

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His focused his jet black eyes on Yun Rou’s face and the crafty glint in his eyes became increasingly obvious. He then emphasized his words, “Your Honor, I would like to summon the plaintiff!”

This caused another uproar among the crowd.

“Is Gu Yu too full of himself or has he gone mad? Why would he call on Yun Rou to clear Xu Weilai’s name? Why would she testify for Xu Weilai when she’s the plaintiff? He must be desperate. No, this is as good as suicide,” the crowd thought.

Lawyer Qian was initially wrought with anxiety, but now, he found the situation ridiculously laughable. If this was Gu Yu’s final trump card, then he could almost see his own victory ahead.

The judge replied, “Permission granted.”

Yun Rou returned to the witness stand once again. While she couldn’t tell what Gu Yu was up to, she felt hopeful again and vowed to do everything that she could to convict Xu Weilai.

At that point in time, Xu Weilai’s reputation would be in the ruins and she would be too embarrassed to be with Gu Yu, who was so brilliant and outstanding.

As this thought crossed Yun Rou’s mind, she could not help but smirk. She then glanced at Xu Weilai from the corner of her eyes and her smile gradually turned sinister.

Gu Yu turned to face Yun Rou and seemed to have read her mind, for a half-smile appeared on his handsome face. He then asked in a deep voice, “Plaintiff, as a pianist, your hands must be extremely important, aren’t they?”

Yun Rou nodded and confirmed, “Obviously they are. Usually, I’ll always protect my hands well. Even if my body is injured, I’ll never allow my hands to be hurt because this will affect me when I’m playing the piano.”

Gu Yu continued to ask, “As far as I know, be it pianists, dancers, models or actors, artists like yourself like to buy insurance. Some would buy insurance for their hands, some would buy for their face and others would buy for their feet. What about you? Have you ever bought insurance for your hands since you treasure them so much?”

“I have, ” Yun Rou replied without hesitation, “My hands are my greatest asset so obviously I’d have to buy the best insurance for them in case anything were to happen.”

After a pause, she could not help but smile mockingly and remark, “Unfortunately, despite my efforts to protect them…they’re still ruined by malicious individuals.”

As if Gu Yu did not hear Yun Rou’s resentful comments about Xu Weilai, he turned to face the judge and said, “Your Honor, right now, I’ll submit an insurance policy that the plaintiff had bought for her hands two years ago. It proves that what she had said earlier on is true.”

After the judge looked at the document, nodded.

Gu Yu’s gaze then flitted back to Yun Rou and asked, “Plaintiff, it’s perfectly normal and reasonable for you to buy insurance for your hands but there’s something that I don’t quite understand. Two years after you purchased this insurance, you did not continue to buy any other form of insurance for your hands and neither did you do anything about your current insurance. However, am I right to say that you increased your premiums for this insurance recently?”

Yun Rou’s expression changed slightly and a hint of panic flashed across her eyes. She immediately began to bite her lower lip tightly but quickly regained her composure.

As if she found the question amusing, chuckled and affirmed, “Yes. As I’ve said before, I treasure my hands very much and since I suddenly recalled about this insurance that I’ve purchased, I raised the premiums and upgraded the policy. Is there a problem with that?”

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