My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again

Chapter 477 - To Turn the Tables (5)

Chapter 477: To Turn the Tables (5)

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There was a look of cold indifference in Gu Yu’s jet black eyes as he glanced at Lawyer Qian. With a half-smile, he remarked, “Lawyer Qian, I have yet to finish what I want to say earlier on. Why are you in such a hurry to raise your objection? Did you think I can’t produce any evidence or are you actually afraid that I have proof for it?”

Lawyer Qian’s expression instantly darkened and there was even a hint of panic in his eyes.

He had revealed most of the cards in his hands and was down to his last one. However, this was only the beginning for Gu Yu and each move that he made was more powerful than the last. It was inevitable for Lawyer Qian to panic, but his anxiety was useless, for Gu Yu’s attacks were aggressive and unstoppable.

The evidence that Gu Yu presented was a report of Xu Weilai’s physical examination.

Xu Weilai was immediately rushed to the hospital after she was rescued and based on the doctor’s diagnosis, there wasn’t a serious problem with her health. Fortunately, Xu Weilai also remembered to flag up about the injection that she had received when she was held captive and thus, she was given an in-depth physical examination. The report that Gu Yu presented was a portion of extracted from the results of the examination.

It was written that Xu Weilai was severely dehydrated.

Gu Yu reasoned, “Your Honor, my client had been kidnapped for a day and a night and was deprived of food and drinks. Under normal circumstances, it’s true that she would be slightly dehydrated, but it wouldn’t be to the extent of severe dehydration. The results reflected in the report is more like how the body would react after it had received two injections — just like what Dr. He had said.”

Yun Rou’s pupils suddenly constricted.

She knew how outstanding Gu Yu was and had always been proud of him. But she never expected him to utilize his wits to defend another woman and pit against her.

She was supposed to win the lawsuit but it seemed like Gu Yu was slowly turning things to his advantage.

Yun Rou stared at Xu Weilai and her eyes burned with hatred. If looks could kill, Xu Weilai would have died many times.

Lawyer Qian could obviously tell that they were losing and that his reputation might be ruined by Gu Yu, who was merely a rookie lawyer. If he lost this case, it would certainly be hard for him to survive in the legal industry in the future.

He closed his eyes and began to find one last breakthrough which he could use to counter Gu Yu’s attacks.

Soon, a crafty glint flashed across his eyes and his lips curled up into a smile.

Lawyer Qian then stood up and made his final speech, “Based on what the defendant’s lawyer had claimed as well as the physical examination report, it does prove that Xu Weilai had received two injections, which caused her to turn a blind eye to Yun Rou. However, this couldn’t be considered hard evidence. In other words, we couldn’t be 100% sure that Xu Weilai was severely dehydrated because of the injection. There could also be other causes. Don’t you think that this is a reasonable claim, Your Honor?”

Evidence comprised of witnesses and material evidence and both were needed in order to convict a person. Gu Yu’s physical examination report could only be considered a reference for material evidence.

The judge agreed, “You’re right.”

Lawyer Qian laughed and looked at Gu Yu defiantly as he asked, “Well, then does the defendant’s lawyer have any witnesses or other more convincing evidence? If this is the only evidence, then I’ll continue to insist that Xu Weilai had intentionally harmed my client!”

Gu Yu, too, smiled and appeared indifferent as he replied calmly, “I have witnesses. This is also the final witness for this case and the most important one.”

Lawyer Qian’s smile froze on his face.

Everyone who could testify had already testified and the only way which Gu Yu could win this last round was to find the culprit.

“Who would that be?” Lawyer Qian asked.

However, Gu Yu did not answer immediately. Instead, he scanned the crowd and eventually, his eyes stopped on the least expected person in the crowd.

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