My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again

Chapter 476 - To Turn the Tables (4)

Chapter 476: To Turn the Tables (4)

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Gu Yu nodded and asked, “Dr. He, will there be residual traces of these two drugs after they’re injected into the body? Will we be able to detect it if we conduct an in-depth test?”

“Any drug that’s injected into the human body will always leave behind some residual traces. We’ll be able to pick it up as long as a test is conducted,” Dr. He answered matter-of-factly.

Gu Yu narrowed his eyes slightly and, after a brief pause, asked softly, “Are there cases of exception?”

Dr. He smiled and replied, “An average doctor would claim that there are no exceptions, for there is a limit to the digestive capabilities and metabolism rate of the human body. If there isn’t a long lapse between the time of testing and the time which the drug is injected, there’ll always be traces of it left. Besides, with how advanced medical devices are these days, it’s highly unlikely for there to be an error with the result.”

“Dr. He, but you’re not an average doctor. Will you have an alternative opinion on this?” Gu Yu probed.

“Of course!” the doctor assured and Lawyer Qian’s expression instantly changed while Yun Rou subconsciously clenched her fists.

Gu Yu stared at Dr. He with his jet black eyes and indicated for him to elaborate further, “Dr. He, please explain further.”

“Everything mutually reinforces and counteracts each other,” Dr. He began. He then supported his hands on the table and gestured with his hands habitually to make himself sound more engaging. “For example, if drugs ‘X’ and ‘L’ could paralyze a person’s nerves, then there must also be an antidote for these drugs.”

“Some patients could not detox the drugs ‘X’ and ‘L’ from their bodies through normal metabolism. If these drugs remain in the body, there’ll be other side effects. Thus, we’ve created an antidote to resolve this issue and have successfully developed it. In fact, the antidote was already launched in the market last month,” Dr. He explained.

Gu Yu then asked, “If we inject the antidote into the body quickly after the body received an injection of Drug ‘X’ or ‘L’ and, assuming that there are no residual traces of the drug in the body, will the body display other symptoms?”

Doctor He confirmed, “Yes, there’ll be a particularly prominent symptom. The body will be severely dehydrated.”

Gu Yu smiled gratefully at him and replied, “Thank you, Dr. He. I have no more questions.”

After Dr. He left, Gu Yu glanced at the judge and said, “Your Honor, I invited Dr. He to share these with everyone because my client mentioned in her statement that she received two injections from the thugs after she was abducted to the warehouse. The first time, it made her whole body limp. Her hands and feet also became numb and she couldn’t feel anything. But during the second time, it helped her to regain her strength gradually.”

“Therefore, I have reason to believe that she had been injected with Drug ‘X’ or ‘L’ during the first time and with the antidote during the second time. That’s why the test did not pick up on any residual traces of the drug in her body,” Gu Yu explained.

“This is also why she couldn’t save Yun Rou even though she wasn’t tied up or unconscious,” Gu Yu concluded.

“Objection!” Lawyer Qian interrupted agitatedly and, without waiting for the judge’s signal, jumped to his feet and continued, “Your Honor, while I trust what Dr. He had said since he’s the expert, but this could not be used to prove Xu Weilai’s innocence.”

“The test didn’t pick up on anything unusual in her body as she had claimed to receive two injections. But where’s the proof for that? There’s no evidence and nobody witnessed it as well. How could we be convinced when everything is solely based on her words? This is too unreasonable!” Lawyer Qian protested.

The judge frowned and after pondering about it for a moment, felt that Lawyer Qian’s concerns were reasonable. Thus, he asked, “Lawyer Gu, do you have any evidence?”

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