My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again

Chapter 475 - To Turn the Tables (3)

Chapter 475: To Turn the Tables (3)

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“Your Honor, regardless of whether Xu Weilai is related to the criminal and whether she had participated in the kidnapping or was simply abducted by the criminal, we could not overlook the fact that her hands and feet were free when she regained consciousness. She was conscious and could move freely but when she realised that my client was tied up and restrained, instead of saving her, chose to use the opportunity to stab her with a knife. Her actions were extremely vile and vicious!”

Lawyer Qian then played the footage that Xu Weilai had seen at the police station. It was a video of Xu Weilai and Yun Rou’s confrontation in the warehouse. Yun Rou appeared agitated and had said a lot of things to Xu Weilai. However, Xu Weilai merely stared at her coldly.

“According to my client’s statement, she saw Xu Weilai after she had regained consciousness and was under the impression that Xu Weilai was her kidnapper. As she was extremely shocked and furious, she began to provoke Xu Weilai thoughtlessly, which triggered Xu Weilai to stab her hand with a knife as a form of revenge,” Lawyer Qian argued and emphasized on the words ‘provoke’ and ‘revenge’.

A woman could easily become irrational and go off the deep end when she was jealous. Lawyer Qian obviously wanted to paint the picture of how likely it was for Xu Weilai to lose her control of herself and assault Yun Rou.

The judge noted down his point and nodded in agreement before he looked at Gu Yu and prompted, “The defendant’s lawyer could now begin to make your case.”

Gu Yu stood up and pursed his thin lips but this time, he was not in a hurry to refute Lawyer Qian’s accusation. Instead, he asked calmly, “Your Honor, I would like to call on an expert witness.”

“An expert witness? Why would we need an expert witness for this case? Is Gu Yu deliberately complicating things to confuse everyone or does he have some clever tricks up his sleeve again?” the crowd wondered.

Gu Yu once again aroused their curiosity and everyone was so thrilled by the dramatic ups and downs of the court proceedings and the exchange of blows between Gu Yu and Lawyer Qian that the outcome of the case was no longer their main focus. Everyone was waiting with bated breath to see what else Gu Yu had in store for them.

The judge nodded and agreed, “Permission granted.”

Subsequently, a bespectacled middle-aged man who seemed refined and intellectual like a scholar appeared and took his seat at the witness stand.

Among the audience who had come to observe the trial, many could already recognize him and exclaimed softly, “Isn’t he… Dr. He, the genius pharmacist in the medical industry? Oh my god… He’s a big shot who’s usually focused on research and almost never leaves his research institute. Why would he be willing to testify in court?”

Others among the audience explained, “Well, you could do whatever you want when you’re rich.”

Another person replied sarcastically, “What the hell do you know? Dr. He might not even grace you with his presence even if you’re rich. It must be because of how influential the Gu family is. Or rather, CEO Gu must have been a capable and formidable man.”

“No wonder Xu Weilai and Yun Rou would fight over him. Who wouldn’t want his connections and power?” the crowd wondered.

Gu Yu then walked over to Dr. He and said calmly, “Dr. He, please introduce yourself.”

Dr. He nodded and briefly shared about his profession and areas of expertise in a concise manner. While his introduction was short and simple, everyone was already awed by him.

Subsequently, instead of defending Xu Weilai, Gu Yu asked the doctor some technical questions, “Dr. He, in the medical science field, how many kinds of common drugs could produce symptoms like mental paralysis, weakness of the limbs and even cause one to lose consciousness?”

Dr. He replied, “Many drugs could do this and are quite commonly used to treat and alleviate a patient’s pain. The two most effective ones are termed ‘X’ and ‘L’.”

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