My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again

Chapter 474 - To Turn the Tables (2)

Chapter 474: To Turn the Tables (2)

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“Could it be that Gu Yu wants to…” The moment this thought surfaced in Lawyer Qian’s mind, Gu Yu confirmed his nagging suspicions in a calm but powerful voice, “Since there is room for doubt and we’re currently unable to verify it, then the benefit of the doubt goes to the defendant. Thus, my client is not guilty.”

“I knew it!” Lawyer Qian groaned in his heart and could not help but shut his eyes.

He had played his trump card of sympathy by using his words to move everyone, including the judge, and the general opinion was obviously in favour of Yun Rou. He never expected Gu Yu to counter his attacks in such a cunning way.

When a defendant was given the benefit of the doubt, he or she is considered innocent and acquitted by the jury if his or her guilt has not been proven beyond reasonable doubt.

Xu Weilai’s relationship with the criminal could not be proven until the criminal was apprehended. Without the criminal’s testimony to prove that Xu Weilai was his partner in crime or an instigator of the act, the judge would have to take Xu Weilai’s interests as the main point of consideration when charging her for kidnapping.

Lawyer Qian initially planned to pin all the blame on Xu Weilai on the basis that the actual criminal had yet to be apprehended. But now, this had become a lifesaver for her.

Lawyer Qian could not help but admire Gu Yu for his neat counterattack. He was not alone in thinking so, for the judge was also briefly surprised. Subsequently, the judge nodded and replied with a smile, “You’re right. The relationship between the defendant and the criminal could not be proven. Although lawyer Qian made speculations about numerous motives that the defendant could have, there are still many doubts about the case. Before we could resolve these doubts, the defendant, Xu Weilai, could not be proven guilty for kidnapping Yun Rou.”

When the audience heard this, many praised the brilliant turn of tables and even those who did not understand what had happened could not help but exclaim in amazement.

Everyone was certain that Gu Yu would lose and yet he managed to make the judge announce Xu Weilai’s innocence through presenting a point of contention with a few brief words. Everyone could not help but admire Gu Yu’s wit.

However, while the most serious charge was refuted, there was another pressing issue. Everyone had witnessed how Xu Weilai stabbed and crippled Yun Rou’s hand with a knife. This had caused Yun Rou to experience emotional distress and would also seriously disadvantage her for her future career.

Everyone was eager to know if Gu Yu could create miracles again and work things to his advantage.

The second trial began five minutes after the court adjourned.

As Lawyer Qian had initially underestimated Gu Yu and lost two rounds in a row, his confidence was slightly shaken. Fortunately, he still had one last chance and his stakes of winning were high. Even if he couldn’t convict Xu Weilai of kidnapping, he was certain that she would be charged for intentional assault.

Lawyer Qian not dare to take Gu Yu lightly anymore, for while Gu Yu was young, unlike peers of his age, he was deep, experienced, and unusually composed. He would always attack his opponents’ greatest Achilles heel and defeat them with one single strike. Lawyer Qian could not help but remain guarded towards Gu Yu, for he would easily be placed in a disadvantageous position if he was not cautious enough.

“The plaintiff’s lawyer could proceed to present your case to prove that the defendant had intentionally assaulted your client,” the judge announced.

Lawyer Qian nodded and stood up before he stole one glance at Gu Yu from the corner of his eye. He realised that Gu Yu appeared calm as he sat on the other side and after deliberating his words, Lawyer Qian emphasized his points.

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