My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again

Chapter 473 - To Turn the Tables (1)

Chapter 473: To Turn the Tables (1)

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Xu Weilai looked up at Gu Yu but unfortunately, his back was faced towards her and she could not see his expression.

Yun Rou’s evil plot was so brilliant that it could be said to be perfect.

All evidence was against Xu Weilai and the thug was the only one who could prove her innocence. However, all that was captured of him on the surveillance cameras was a mere silhouette and while everyone was looking for him, nobody had any leads.

The culprit was either dead or hiding so well that nobody could find him and Xu Weilai felt that the former was more likely.

Lawyer Qian was probably utilizing this point to his advantage as well. If there was nobody to prove Xu Weilai’s innocence and if she couldn’t prove it as well, it would be a matter of time before was convicted.

Xu Weilai was actually very touched by how hard Gu Yu was fighting for her today. Even if she were to lose the lawsuit and go to jail, she was glad that she could at least feel proud of her husband.

He had fulfilled his promise to her. He had promised to protect her and had assured her that she could charge forth without any worry, and he had done a good job in keeping to his words.

If it wasn’t for the fact that they were in court, Xu Weilai really wanted to hug and praise him for his great effort.


After Lawyer Qian had presented his arguments, there was a moment of silence in the court. Everyone was touched by his emotional speech and they have yet to recover from it.

The judge appeared rather regretful for he was also aware of Yun Rou’s achievements since she was a national idol and her music was indeed very catchy and powerful.

Everyone had a basic sense of compassion and would naturally be inclined towards people who were either pitiful or weak.

After the judge pondered for a moment, glanced at Gu Yu and asked, “Lawyer Gu, your charge against Yun Rou is unfounded and invalid.”

Lawyer Qian’s lips curled up into a smile and he instantly felt as if all his pent-up anger had disappeared. In fact, he actually felt refreshed and clear-headed as if all the meridians in his body were unblocked.

“Gu Yu is but a naive boy,” he thought.

The judge continued, “Lawyer Gu, do you have anything to add on?”

Everyone felt certain that Gu Yu would be crushed like what Lawyer Qian was in the earlier round, and would not be able to rebut with anything. They’d thought that he would simply give up and find another way to fight for his case.

However, Gu Yu merely stood up elegantly and it was evident from his expression that he had no intention to back down. In fact, he does not seem the least defeated.

“Does he still have other tricks up his sleeve?” Lawyer Qian wondered and sure enough, Gu Yu replied, “Yes!”

While he merely uttered a single word, it was powerful enough to shock the crowd. Everyone inevitably quietened down to see what he was going to do.

The judge was also surprised and after he paused for a few seconds, replied, “Please share your opinion.”

Gu Yu nodded politely before he turned to the crowd and emphasized every single word clearly, “I admit that I’d made groundless accusations against Yun Rou based on my own speculation. But similarly, Lawyer Qian’s charge against my client is also unfounded. We both have our own opinion about this matter. Since we could accept the claim that Yun Rou is unrelated to the crook on the basis that it was impossible for her to sacrifice her hands, then shouldn’t my client be given the same benefit of the doubt?”

“We have yet to catch the criminal and obtain a statement from him. Thus, I believe that we should give a benefit of the doubt as to whether or not my client is related to the crook. Don’t you agree?” Gu Yu reiterated.

The judge nodded in agreement and Gu Yu’s lips gradually curled up into a smile. On the other hand, Lawyer Qian seemed to have come to a sudden realization about something and his expression changed drastically.

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