My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again

Chapter 472 - Repeatedly Slapped in the Face (10)

Chapter 472: Repeatedly Slapped in the Face (10)

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As Gu Yu was cunning and shameless with his words, Lawyer Qian nearly went ballistic. He began to take in deep breaths but did not rebut Gu Yu, for it would be akin to eating his own words and slapping himself in the face.

Gu Yu continued to argue his stance, “Furthermore, the crook was wearing the blazer that I’d thrown away in the garbage bin in Yun Rou’s ward on the day that I’d visited her upon her request when she was sick. Yun Rou was the only one who would know that the blazer was mine. How did the crook know that he could lure Xu Weilai by wearing that blazer? Thus, all the more reason I have to believe that there’s something fishy going on between Yun Rou and the crook.”

Lawyer Qian’s face had darkened completely.

As the cops have yet to catch the culprit and obtain his confession, Lawyer Qian had planned to push all the blame onto Xu Weilai. However, he never expected Gu Yu to use this exact same point to counter his attacks and shove the blame over to Yun Rou by accusing her of directing the entire incident.

Lawyer Qian knew that both parties were just making baseless conjectures and that he shouldn’t be angered by this. He knew that he needed to keep a cool head so that he wouldn’t slip up and allow Gu Yu to lead him by the nose.

“We’re in court where talk is cheap and real evidence is all that matters,” Lawyer Qian reminded himself and took a deep breath. Being experienced with such situations, he quickly calmed himself down and remarked sharply, “My client, Yun Rou, suffered from actual physical harm as a result of this kidnapping incident. Her hands are crippled, which is a devastating misfortune, for it had cost her her career right when she’s at the peak of it. Why would she do something to harm herself if she’s really in collusion with the crooks?”

“Let’s not forget about Xu Weilai. Why is she completely unharmed in this kidnapping case? Did the kidnappers abduct her as a prank? Does this claim even sound logical and believable? Besides, Yun Rou is an internationally acclaimed pianist with a bright future and could have accomplished more brilliant achievements. Do you think that she would do such a stupid thing?” Lawyer Qian questioned.

At the same time, he presented the diagnosis report that detailed the condition of Yun Rou’s hand to the court. When he flashed it on the screen, everyone could see that Yun Rou’s hands were indeed severely injured. She could only perform basic movements in future and it would be impossible for her to play the piano.

Lawyer Qian was known for being skilled in playing the sympathy card. His words, along with the report and Yun Rou’s timely act of appearing to be devastated and pained made everyone’s heart go out to her.

Lawyer Qian then continued to build on this and emphasized, “Your Honor, my client had always been under the impression that Gu Yu was deeply in love with her. Thus, it’s impossible for her to be jealous and to hate Xu Weilai. Moreover, before my client was kidnapped, she was already prepared to give her blessings to Gu Yu and Xu Weilai. If it wasn’t for the incident, she would have returned overseas and continued to shine on stage. She wouldn’t be here, covered in injuries, and to have her wounds exposed to the public eye.”

The judge was inevitably moved by Lawyer Qian’s final statement and the other audience members, too, nodded their heads in agreement.

One had to admit that Lawyer Qian was indeed a capable lawyer. He fought for his case systematically and if a particular argument did not work, he could quickly switch to the next one and keep his opponents so inundated that they would easily be crushed if they could not handle him.

Of course, Gu Yu was not inferior to Lawyer Qian either. It was an impressive feat that he could make it through so many rounds when this was his first lawsuit and that his opponent was Lawyer Qian. In fact, he even managed to get an edge above Lawyer Qian a few times. But now, without any strong evidence, it was difficult for him to counter Lawyer Qian’s arguments.

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