My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again

Chapter 471 - Repeatedly Slapped in the Face (9)

Chapter 471: Repeatedly Slapped in the Face (9)

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“That punk! How dare he be so arrogant! I’m the leader of the legal industry but what is Gu Yu? He can’t even hold a candle to me! I should teach him a good lesson since he’s fighting against me for his first litigation. Winning a lawsuit isn’t easy. He could take this as a free lesson from me!” Lawyer Qian thought and snorted coldly before he picked up the cup of hot tea on the table and took a slow sip.

However, Gu Yu’s frown only lasted for a fleeting moment and his lips soon curled up into a smile. As if he could tell that Lawyer Qian was watching him, stared right back at Lawyer Qian with his jet black eyes. It was almost as if he was mocking Lawyer Qian and asking if this was all that he had.

Lawyer Qian nearly choked on his tea but since the atmosphere in court was solemn, he could not cough out loud and could only force himself to hold it in. His face flushed red and he was so consumed with rage that he could barely breathe.

Gu Yu then stood up and greeted the judge politely before he said seriously, “The plaintiff, Yun Rou, accused my client of working in cahoots with the thugs to kidnap and harm her. We’ll first talk about the kidnapping. Yun Rou was kidnapped to the warehouse and my client was the only person whom she saw after she regained consciousness. Furthermore, my client’s hands and feet were not tied up and she was also in a conscious state. Thus, she decided to charge my client based on this. However, according to the statement of my client, Xu Weilai, she was lured by thugs when she was covering news and was subsequently held under duress and brought to the warehouse.”

Gu Yu then instructed his assistant to present the evidence again and the new evidence appeared on the screen after he clicked on the remote control.

Gu Yu resumed, “The first piece of evidence is the video taken by Xu Weilai while she was on standby to capture footage for her news. Here, we could clearly see the silhouette of a man who resembled me. In fact, the coat that he had been wearing was mine. When Xu Weila saw me there, she was lured over to the villa out of concern for my safety since I’m her husband. As she had completely let her guard down at that point in time, it gave the thugs an opportunity to kidnap her easily!”

“According to Xu Weilai, she was attacked by the thugs when she reached the back door of the villa. She did not manage to capture this on her camera and the footage captured by the surveillance camera in the villa were also deleted for that particular time frame. However, after I found out that she was missing, I tracked her whereabouts and pulled out the footage from all the surveillance cameras in the vicinity. These cameras managed to capture the silhouette of the thugs. Based on this screenshot, it was evident that Xu Weilai was lying unconscious in the thug’s arms. In other words, it goes to show that she isn’t related to them. Therefore, it isn’t justified to charge Xu Weilai on accounts of instigating the thugs or working with them,” Gu Yu reasoned.

“Objection!” Lawyer Qian suddenly jumped to his feet and protested in a deep, cold voice. “It’s too subjective and brash to conclude that Xu Weilai is not in collusion with the thugs simply based on a screengrab like this. Besides, who knows if Xu Weilai is putting up a show with the thugs to prevent others from suspecting her?” Lawyer Qian challenged.

This was indeed possible and the video clip alone wouldn’t be enough to prove Xu Weilai’s innocence.

A dark expression flitted across Gu Yu’s eyes for a brief moment and he quickly retorted, “The surveillance cameras in the hospital also took down the entire process which Yun Rou was kidnapped. However, Yun Rou was also unconscious when she was taken away. Lawyer Qian, based on what you’ve said, could I also conclude that Yun Rou is putting up a show with the thugs so as to frame my client?”

This instantly sparked off a commotion among the crown once again and everyone had to give Gu Yu credit for his arguments, for there were no logical flaws in his claims. As both Yun Rou and Xu Weilai were unconscious when they were kidnapped, it wouldn’t be fair to claim that Xu Weilai was putting up an act while Yun Rou wasn’t.

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