My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again

Chapter 470 - Repeatedly Slapped in the Face (8)

Chapter 470: Repeatedly Slapped in the Face (8)

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“You’re obviously lying! ” Gu Yu suddenly roared sternly. “You intentionally concealed the truth so as to create the false impression that Yun Rou could have received treatment for a mental condition in the past. This makes you legally liable as well.”

The manager’s face immediately turned pale.

“Of course, it doesn’t matter even if you don’t admit it now because you can never bury the truth forever. I’ve already invited a famous psychologist to make a diagnosis on Yun Rou’s condition. He’ll be able to tell if she has received treatment in the past and if she actually has a mental condition now.”

Every single lie was slowly being exposed and the manager felt as though her defences were collapsing bit by bit until eventually, there was none left at all. She lowered her head and, losing all strength to persist, replied weakly, “I recalled wrongly. I’ve been working for Yun Rou for many years, but I’ve never seen her visit a psychiatrist. She has never received any treatment…”

“You! ” Yun Rou shrieked with rage and almost couldn’t stop herself from jumping to her feet. Eventually, she clenched her teeth and forced herself to calm down and remain seated stiffly.

Now that things have reached this stage, everyone was quite certain that Yun Rou had feigned her mental illness. Even Lawyer Qian couldn’t seem to rebut this and appeared rather defeated.

Gu Yu then summarised, “Your Honor, you could tell from this that I was never romantically related to Yun Rou. It was all her wishful thinking. I’ve also explained our relationship to my wife, Xu Weilai. Thus, there’s no reason for Xu Weilai to kidnap Yun Rou out of jealousy and to think of murdering her.”

The judge concluded, “I agree that this claim isn’t justified.”

While it was impossible for Lawyer Qian to continue to fight the case on the basis of romantic entanglement, there were many factors that could contribute to the motive for a kidnapping case. It could even be an act committed on the spur-of-the-moment and Lawyer Qian was well aware of this. Thus, while he might have lost this round out of carelessness, but he was prepared to go all out in the next round and show his mettle. “I’ll put up a good fight against Gu Yu. He’s merely a rookie and only managed to win because I’d underestimated him and let my guard down. We’ll see who has the last laugh!” he thought.

Lawyer Qian quickly regained his confidence and was even in the mood to fiddle with and straighten his lawyer’s robe before he began with the second round of his speech, “Your Honor, Xu Weilai might not have kidnapped my client out of jealousy, but we can’t rule out other possibilities. According to my client’s statement, she had been unconscious since the moment she was kidnapped from the hospital. When she regained consciousness, realised that she was in an abandoned warehouse with her hands and feet tied up. Xu Weilai was the only person she saw but unlike her, Xu Weilai’s hands and feet were not tied up. Neither was Xu Weilai unconscious. Why didn’t Xu Weilai flee if she was not involved in the kidnapping case? Why didn’t she save my client? Instead, she actually chose to stab my client’s hands with a knife!”

“My client is a pianist and everyone knows how important hands are for a pianist. If Xu Weilai hadn’t done it on purpose, then how could she justify her actions? I have every reason to believe that she had the intention to harm my client!” Lawyer Qian reasoned.

Since the culprit who had kidnapped Xu Weilai from the hospital was nowhere to be found, nobody could prove if the culprit had acted alone or if Xu Weilai was his accomplice or if she had instigated him to commit the crime. Thus, as all the evidence were against Xu Weilai at the moment, Lawyer Qian decided to push all the blame onto her. No matter how well Gu Yu could make his case, everything that he argued would be useless in the face of the evidence.

After Lawyer Qian had presented his points, sat down gleefully and glanced at Gu Yu from the corner of his eyes. Sure enough, he realised that Gu Yu was frowning slightly.

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