My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again

Chapter 469 - Repeatedly Slapped in the Face (7)

Chapter 469: Repeatedly Slapped in the Face (7)

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At this moment, no one dared to look down on the beginner lawyer, Gu Yu, who had never fought a case before. His surprise attacks made an experienced lawyer like lawyer Qian be almost suppressed by him all the way.

The man was even more unfathomable than all of them had imagined. He made people inexplicably panic and fear!

When Gu Yu’s dark eyes fell on the agent’s face, even though she was trying hard to suppress her fear, he could still see her nervousness and uneasiness in her eyes.

The man smiled faintly and then opened his mouth, “Ever since Yun Rou went abroad to develop her career, you’ve always been by her side, handling all kinds of affairs for her, both work and life, right? ”

The agent said, “Yes. ”

“Then you must knew whether she went to the psychiatric department, or arrange her to see a psychiatrist? ”

The agent unconsciously bit her lower lip, and then she keenly felt a gloomy and sharp gaze looking at her. She didn’t even need to look up to know that it was Yun Rou’s gaze!

She was reminding her, or more accurately, she was warning her about what she could and couldn’t say!

The agent moved her lips, and just as she was about to answer “Yes”, Gu Yu suddenly placed his hand on the table in front of her, as if he knew what she was thinking. He leaned over slightly with a meaningful smile on his handsome face, and his pair of dark eyes seemed to be able to see through her mind.

He spoke clearly, word by word, “Witness, there can be no perjury in the court. You have just taken an oath, which means that your words also have the force of law. Even if only one word in your words is false, you will be liable for the law. Think carefully before you answer! ”

The agent’s body trembled, and she was so scared that the words he was about to say got stuck in her throat.

Gu Yu stood up straight. The light in his eyes turned faint, and his tone also faded, as if he wasn’t the one who spoke powerfully in the court just now. “Witness, please answer my question! ”

The agent didn’t dare to betray Yun Rou, but the man in front of her was really terrifying. She closed her eyes and said in a extremely low voice, “I… I’m not sure. Although I am taking care of Yun Rou’s life, I’m not sure about such a private matter. Maybe Yun Rou secretly found a doctor to treat her. ”

The sentence was rather clever. She gave an equivocal answer which didn’t offend any side!

“Not sure? ” Gu Yu raised his eyebrows and bluntly said, “Are you not sure indeed? Or you just don’t dare to say it? ”

Cold sweat dripped down his agent’s forehead. She gritted his teeth and insisted, “I really don’t know! ”


Gu Yu looked at everyone and his gaze paused on Yun Rou for a moment. It was obvious that her expression was tense and her eyes were extremely nervous. Then, his gaze fell on the judge and he said unhurriedly, “Your honor, please take a look at my next piece of evidence. ”

The judge immediately lowered his head and flipped through the next piece of evidence.

Gu Yu pointed at the remote control, and the evidence once again appeared on the screen.First there are some pictures of the agent and Yun Rou living together, then there are pictures of them in and out of the same place all the time, almost 24 hours a day, even if Yun Rou married her ex-husband, Yun Rou still lived with her manager instead of moving in with her ex-husband.

Gu Yu looked at his manager’s dejected face and asked Lazily, “May I ask, which of the so-called private life of Yun Rou did you not participate in? If you don’t know about her, who else knows about her? ”

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