My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again

Chapter 468 - Repeatedly Slapped in the Face (6)

Chapter 468: Repeatedly Slapped in the Face (6)

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It was a case report. The name of the patient on it was Yun Rou, and her illness was actually… mental illness. Her most prominent characteristic was a serious hallucination!

The Hallucination was a symptom that someone had too many thoughts about something without any reason or basis, or longing for something that did not exist.

No one had thought that the famous pianist, the most beautiful artist, Yun Rou, who was surrounded by praise, was actually a mental patient.

When Yun Rou saw this case, suddenly became very vehement and agitated. She immediately stood up and cried out with a sharp voice, “It’s fake. I’m not sick, it’s a slur on me! Yu, you can’t treat me like this just in order to exculpate Xu Weilai! ”

“Silence! ” The judge stopped her. “Plaintiff, please manage your emotions! ”

Soon, a court guard walked over to Yun Rou’s side and pressed her shoulders to make her sit back down on the chair.

Gu Yu’s lips curled, and he explained, “It is true that the case is not the current one, but a previous one. Before she met me, she was already sick. The so-called love between us was all her imagination. Not only did she think that we were in love herself, she even made my family, my friends, and everyone we knew think that we’re having an affair. ”

“She has always been reluctant to admit that there is something wrong with her mental state, so she refused to received any treatment. I believe that over the years, her hallucinations must have become more and more serious that no matter how many times I have rejected her or said cruel things to her, she still thought that I was just angry at her for leaving. I have always loved her! ”

Lawyer Qian shouted again, “Objection! ”

He stood up, frowned, and protested to the judge with a sullen face, “It is too absolute to use a case from many years ago to say that my client is mentally ill. Even mental illness can be controlled and treated and can get better. Yun Rou has been out of the country for several years and has had no contact with you. What makes you say that she did not receive treatment and her condition did not improve? ”

The judge pondered for a moment and nodded in agreement. “After many years, the referability of this case is indeed low. ”

Gu Yu did not refute. He had already expected such a question. He smiled calmly and said, “I would like to summon the agent who has been accompanying Yun Rou. All her matters at home were arranged by her agent, and she knows best whether Yun Rou has received any treatment or not.”

Pausing for a moment, he cast a meaningful glance at lawyer Qian and continued to speak in his own way, “Yun Rou’s agent is someone by her side. Her testimony is absolutely reliable, right? ”

Because she was Yun Rou’s agent, if she wanted to help, she would also be speaking up for Yun Rou. Therefore, the credibility of her words was extremely high.

Lawyer Qian’s expression became embarrassed, even somewhat ghastly.

The agent was summoned to the court and sat in the witness stand. She first took the oath booklet and read the oath on it,” …I guarantee to tell the truth, never lie, never say anything that goes against your conscience, or I will be punished by the law! ”

After she finished swearing the oath, Gu Yu walked towards her step by step and stopped in front of her!

The agent was sitting, while Gu was standing. The man’s black eyes simply glanced at her. The agent couldn’t help breaking out in a cold sweat.

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