My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again

Chapter 467 - Repeatedly Slapped in the Face (5)

Chapter 467: Repeatedly Slapped in the Face (5)

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A car inspection report appeared on the screen. It clearly stated that the brakes had failed. This caused the car to be unable to brake!

Just looking at this, even before Gu Yu said anything, the color on Yun Rou’s face had completely disappeared!

Gu Yu looked at her pale face as he continued explaining clearly, word by word, “This is the car that I was driving when I got caught in the car accident. The accident happened because the brakes failed, not because I got stimulated by her news! ”

Three pieces of strong evidence completely refuted Yun Rou’s claim that Gu Yu loved her deeply!

Gu Yu faced the judge and concluded, “From the beginning to the end, I never had any romantic feelings for Yun Rou. We did know each other because of my mother and she often went to the Gu family’s manor but I never took the initiative to talk to her. I played the piano with her at my mother’s request. I didn’t have any good feelings for her and we weren’t attracted to each other! ”

“Objection! ”

Lawyer Qian, who had been calm and composed a second ago, turned slightly livid now as he spoke in a hurry.

He thought that Gu Yu was just spouting nonsense but who knew that the tables were turned so quickly? He wasn’t stupid. He knew that Gu Yu was using the same method he used to deal with Xu Weilai a moment ago to deal with Yun Rou now.

First, he lured Yun Rou to tell the so-called truth, and then he dealt with her lies one by one. He didn’t even need to accuse Yun Rou of lying. Everyone could tell that she was lying!

After Lawyer Qian stood up, he said to the judge, “Even if what Yun Rou mentioned were all misunderstandings, it doesn’t mean that Gu Yu and Yun Rou didn’t have feelings for each other. They’ve been together for five years. Sometimes, the feelings between a man and a woman can exist even without confessions. Gu Yu’s full denial is only his one-sided statement. Also, he wants to prove his client’s innocence so he wants everyone to think that Xu Weilai wasn’t jealous of Yun Rou. That way, she wouldn’t have a motive to commit the crime! I don’t think what he said is reliable!”

“I believe my client’s words even more. I believed that Gu Yu and her were in love! That’s because she wasn’t the only one who thought so. Gu Yu’s family, the people in his circle, and their mutual friends all thought that they were in love! Are one person’s words more trustable or are the words of a group of people more trustable? ”

Lawyer Qian’s retort was well-received by everyone. Many people in the audience nodded. Even the judge thought that it was reasonable. He said to Gu Yu, “Lawyer Gu, do you have any direct and convincing evidence? ”

At this moment, Gu Yu appeared to be like Lawyer Qian just now. He was incomparably calm and composed and even had a rather lazy posture. But, when he stood there, he didn’t seem incompatible with the solemn atmosphere of the court.

Lawyer Qian originally thought that his words would be able to salvage some of the situation. However, when he looked at Gu Yu, he felt that Gu Yu was waiting for him to say these words and was waiting for him to fall into the trap?

An extremely bad premonition rose uncontrollably from the bottom of his heart.

“That’s right. Why does she always think that we’re in love even though I clearly have no relationship with her? Why did she forcefully explain that everything I did was because of her? ”

Gu Yu paused for a few seconds after he spoke, causing everyone’s hearts to almost stop as well. Everyone’s attention was focused on him. They were waiting for his strong evidence!

The man opened his mouth, “Everyone, please look at the screen! ”

His finger tapped on the remote control again and this evidence appeared on the screen.

Everyone’s eyes swept over. In the next second, their eyes widened in shock. Some even gasped in surprise.

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