My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again

Chapter 466 - Face Slapping (4)

Chapter 466: Face Slapping (4)

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What was presented in front of everyone was Yun Rou’s deep love and her willingness to let go. No matter how much she loved Gu Yu, she missed him once so even though she felt much pain in her heart, she was willing to let him go.

In comparison, Xu Weilai was simply a vicious woman. Indeed, the most ruthless thing in the world was a lady’s heart!

After Gu Yu asked this question, Lawyer Qian wanted to laugh. What was this lawyer who came out from a law school doing? He kept asking Yun Rou about their past. Wouldn’t this confirm that Xu Weilai injured Yun Rou because she was jealous of how beautiful their relationship was?

As expected… useless!

Originally, he thought highly of Gu Yu because he was Gu Yu. He looked forward to fighting with Gu Yu. But now, it seemed like he had overestimated him. Three rounds? One round and he was finished!

How boring!

He didn’t want to waste any more time so he stood up and said, “Your honor, if Lawyer Gu can’t come up with any crucial evidence, let’s not waste everyone’s time. What do you think?”

The judge looked at Gu Yu. “Lawyer Gu, please ask questions related to this case!”

Gu Yu smiled. “Your honor, the questions I asked just now have a lot to do with this case. Next, please take a look at the evidence I have to show. ”

He nodded at his temporary legal assistant, who immediately presented the information he had prepared.

The information was displayed on the screen. The first piece of information was a surveillance footage. It was exactly on the day Yun Rou said Gu Yu confessed to her.

Gu Yu explained, “That day was my parents’ anniversary. Every year, I will go to this restaurant in memory of my parents. Yun Rou is telling the truth. However, the confession that she said didn’t exist. After my parents passed away, I spent my time there alone every year. This year, I brought my wife, Xu Weilai, there! ”

“From this surveillance footage, we can clearly see that on the day Yun Rou mentioned, I was the only one who went in and out of that place. As for Yun Rou, she only lingered at the door and didn’t go in. Since she didn’t even go in, how could I confess to her? ”

Yun Rou’s face turned slightly pale. That restaurant clearly didn’t have any surveillance cameras. How did this surveillance footage suddenly appear?

But, now wasn’t the time to think about this. She hurriedly explained, “It has been so long. I… I remembered wrongly. You didn’t confess to me in the restaurant. You confessed to me after you came out! ”

Gu Yu seemed to have expected her to say this. A hint of mockery flashed past his eyes but he didn’t question her. Instead, he continued, “Yun Rou said that when she left, I tried to persuade her to stay. However, that didn’t happen either. On the day she decided to leave, she came to look for me and told me that she wanted to go abroad to pursue her piano dream. At that time, I missed my parents dearly. I was looking at my parents’ photos so I didn’t see her. She was standing behind me. When she heard me asking my parents not to leave, she thought that I was speaking to her! ”

“My friend, Xu Shuai, can testify to this. He went to the washroom and happened to come back at that time. He heard everything at the door. ”

Xu Shuai was summoned to prove Gu Yu’s story.

Yun Rou’s expression gradually turned eerie. She bit her lower lip hard and clenched her hand so forcefully that the veins on the back of her hand popped out.

Gu Yu glanced at her from the corner of his eyes. His voice became colder and harsher, “As for me getting into a car accident because of her marriage, that’s even more nonsensical. Please look at the third piece of evidence! ”

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