My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again

Chapter 422 - Only Chose the Best (2)

Chapter 422: Only Chose the Best (2)

As soon as Xu Weilai’s voice just fell, Gu Yu answered with a simple word, “No. ”

Xu Weilai raised his eyebrows, “Why are you surely? ”

After all, Gu Yu wasn’t Aunt Gu, so how could he know what Aunt Gu was thinking? If what Yun Rou said was true that Aunt Gu really approved of her… Thinking about that, Xu Weilai couldn’t help but feel a little uncomfortable.

As if he looked through Xu Weilai’s mind, a sparkle flashed across Gu Yu’s eyes. He raised his hand, touching her face gently with his fingertips, and softly replied, “Xu Weilai, I inherited my mother’s taste. I only choose the best. ”

What he meant was that Xu Weilai was the best. He had chosen her, which is the same as his mother’s choice.

Everyone was stunned.

Were these two really asking questions and not flirting like there was no one else around?

It was rare for Gu Yu to say so much, but not a single word was mentioned about Yun Rou. He even needn’t explain anthing, everyone at present had known that the so-called affection Gu Yu towards Yun Rou was only her own wishful thinking. Gu Yu even disdained to say a single word to her.

The answer that the person who Gu Yu fell in love with was clear enough.

What was the highest level of indifference? This was it. No matter how you act, no matter how touching stories you made, even had fooled everyone, in front of him, were invisible.

Yun Rou had never been neglected like this before. She had always been the cynosure of all eyes, the arbiter of all fates. She was like the moon which was surrounded by the stars, but this time she lost the match that she were supposed to 100% certainly win.

Even then, Yu Rou didn’t allow herself to become a clown. She stood there with her back straight with her chin raised, and even a smile on her face.

She would never let herself in such an awkward position!

Yun Rou looked at Gu Yu and Xu Weilai. Her eye winkers quivered slightly with tears fell silently. She acted tough, but when she opened her mouth, her voice was already hoarse, “Yu, I won’t blame you for choosing Xu Weilai. It’s me who came back too late. Since you’ve already made your choice, then I wish you the best, as long as you’re happy. My happiness, is looking at your happiness. ”

After saying this, Yun Rou smiled bitterly. She turned around,about to leave.

After taking two steps, a man’s voice came from behind her. He called her name, “Yun Rou. ”

Yun Rou stopped her steps immediately. The corners of her lips curled up. She knew that Gu Yu would never treat her so mercilessly. How could he bear to let her go.

Even if he was angry at her and said those words to Xu Weilai on purpose, he was just putting on an act with her.

As long as she wept and wanted to leave, he would still hold on her.

Yun Rou didn’t turn around. She was waiting for Gu Yu to come to pull her back. To be exact, she was waiting for Gu Yu to announce his love for her to the whole world.

However, she waited for more than ten seconds. There was no sound of footsteps. She only heard the man’s voice through the microphone, word by word, entering her ears.

“When my mother passed away, she left her favorite ring, which was prepared for my wife. You were by her side at that time, so she asked you to pass it to me, but you mistakenly thought it was for you. ”

Gu Yu’s told him coldly with a hint of contempt, “You think too highly of yourself. It’s time to stop flatter yourself! ”

“I’ve already taken the ring back. Today, I will fulfill my mother’s last wish and give it to my wife. ”

When Yun Rou turned around, she saw Gu Yu taking the small brocade box from Assistant Lin who had rushed back in a hurry. He opened the lid and took out the ring inside. He held Xu Weilai’s hand and gently put it on her ring finger.

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