My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again

Chapter 421 - Only Chose the Best (1)

Chapter 421: Only Chose the Best (1)

The words coming brought the crowd back momentarily from marveling at Gu Yuyi’s deep affection for Xu Weilai.

That’s right, Yun Rou appeared here with such confidence and the words she said sincerely seemed not be fake. If there wasn’t such a relationship between her and Gu Yu, why would she appear here?

She was a famous pianist. How could she came here to make a fool of herself? This was too unreasonable!

The reason that Gu Yu stood up for Xu Weilai at the moment perhaps just because he had already announced Xu Weilai as the Gu family’s mistress. So it was improssible for him to blame Xu Weilai in public, which was equivalent to slapping the face of the Mr. Gu Sr., who was pleased with Xu Weilai! So he had no choice but sacrifice Yun Rou and make her suffer.

It is true that Yun Rou hinted at Zhou Meiqi to ask a question on purpose to led everyone to think like that. The fact that Gu Yu chose Xu Weilai had already made her lose face, but even if she suffered a crushing defeat, she still had to earn sympathy back for herself.

Thus, when everyone looked at her, her eyes were filled with tears. She looked at Gu Yu with incomparable sadness. Her lips opened and closed, but in the end, she didn’t say anything. It was as if she was willing to compromise for him.

Everyone couldn’t help but sigh.

How could a beauty not be pitied when she shed tears? Moreover, her affectionate appearance had indeed made many people feel indignant for her!

Looking at Yun Rou’s mobile, expressive face, Xu Weilai had to admire the excellent acting of Yun Rou. She were supposed to be an actress instead of an artist. She deserved to be the best actress!

Gu Yu was a man of few words. He would never waste his time on insignificant people. In fact, he was even willing to cast a glance at them.

Thus, from the beginning to the end, he didn’t care about Yun Rou’s existence at all.

The journalist’s persistent questioning made Gu Yu lift his eyelids. His gaze finally landed on Yun Rou. With just half a glance, his gaze landed on Zhou Meiqi.

He was a little more impressed with this Zhou Meiqi than Yun Rou since she was the journalist who had just been attacking Xu Weilai.

Gu Yu didn’t get angry, Instead, he smiled coldly and said, “Who are you? ”

The sudden question stunned Zhou Meiqi for a moment. Then, she picked up the press card hanging on her chest and answered, “I’m a journalist from daily explosive… ”

Before she could finish her sentence, she heard the man’s cold and indifferent voice, “Are you qualified to ask me questions? ”

” … ” Zhou Meiqi’s words were stuck in her throat. Her face face had gone black with rag.

Gu Yu pursed his lips and didn’t look at her anymore. He gazed back at Xu Weilai face, and said with a unbelievably gentle voice, “My wife is also a journalist .I’ll take her questions only. ”

After a while, Gu yu curved his lips slightly and continued, “Stop putting on an act, journalist Xu. Just ask whatever you want. ”

Xu Weilai definitely knew that Gu Yu made Zhou Meiqi lose her face to back her up. If someone wanted to slap her face, he would hit her back even harder. Actually she had long been used to protecting herself, but now, the feeling of being protected by him was so sweet!

Although she believed Gu Yu, there was a question she really wanted to get the answer.

Xu Weilai cleared her throat and took the microphone from Gu Yu’s hand. She opened her mouth and spoke clearly, “Is that true that Yun Rou is the daughter-in-law admited by your mother? “

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