My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again

Chapter 420 - Xu Weilai Was the One Who Rejected Me (2)

Chapter 420: Xu Weilai Was the One Who Rejected Me (2)

He still sounded as indifferent as before, but his aura was so powerful that nobody dared to make a sound. The huge hall instantly became so quiet that one would be able to hear the sound of a pin landing on the ground.

Everybody was extremely shocked. News had spread throughout the social circle when Gu Yu broke off the engagement three years ago. No one knew who started it, but everyone was under the impression that Gu Yu was the one who rejected Xu Weilai. “Since Gu Yu claims otherwise now, could it be that there’s more to it than meets the eye?” they wondered.

Gu Yu’s expression was sharp and when he scanned the crowd, everyone lowered their heads out of fear of making eye contact with him.

“Xu Weilai was the one who rejected me three years ago,” Gu Yu reiterated every single word clearly and loudly such that everyone could hear.

Although these were merely a few simple words, it was akin to dropping a sudden, huge bomb on the crowd. After a moment of dead silence, a commotion erupted for everyone could no longer hold back their shock and disbelief.


“Did I hear wrongly? So Xu Weilai was the one who rejected Gu Yu?”

“Oh my god, am I hallucinating? Why does it feel so surreal?”

“Am I dreaming? Can somebody give me a pinch?”

Yun Rou had just recovered from her shock and when she heard what Gu Yu said, her expression changed drastically and her smile stiffened. With her hands balled up, she turned around rigidly and stared at Gu Yu.

Xu Weilai, too, did not expect Gu Yu to say this and her mind was in a complete blank as she lifted her head up to look at him. Coincidentally, Gu Yu, too, turned around and when he saw the dazed expression in her eyes, his ice-cold gaze immediately became tender and warm like the sun.

“Xu Weilai, you rejected me three years ago because I wasn’t good enough for you. I know that you’ve always had high standards and thus, I’ve worked hard for the past three years to become a better man. Only then would I be good enough for you and only then would you be willing to marry me. When you finally came back, I couldn’t wait to propose to you because I’m afraid that you’d run away again. You mentioned that you want a generous betrothal gift when you marry someone. The one billion dollars is my generous betrothal gift to you and finally, you’re mine.”

What Gu Yu had said was a response to the questions that the reporters had attacked Xu Weilai with. But Gu Yu could not be bothered to explain to them and merely directed his words at Xu Weilai. What he had said was both an explanation and an affectionate confession.

This was more than a slap in the face for those who had mocked, scorned and despised Xu Weilai earlier on. They were forced to eat crow and all widened their eyes at the unexpected turn of events.

“Gu Yu was the only heir of the Gu family and CEO of the Gu Corporation. He wields great power and yet he’s actually so inferior in front of Xu Weilai! He won the world but lost to her. What the hell! This is such a dramatic and touching love story,” the crowd awed.

Eventually, someone could not help but exclaim, “Oh my god, so Gu Yu’s the one who was rejected? It’s so cool to think that a person like Xu Weilai would actually regard him with disdain!”

“To think that I actually managed to witness Gu Yu saying that he’s not good enough for someone in my lifetime. My heart’s exploding with love!”

The tables were turned and this time, Yun Rou was the butt of the jokes for claiming that Gu Yu was deeply in love with her earlier on.

She remained rooted to the ground. She had turned deathly pale and was trembling uncontrollably. She bit her lower lip fiercely and shot one glance at Zhou Meiqi, who quickly snapped out of her daze and questioned Gu Yu, “Mr. Gu, if you love Xu Weilai so deeply, then what about Miss Yun Rou? Shouldn’t you offer us an explanation? Or are you guilty?”

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