My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again

Chapter 419 - Xu Weilai Was the One Who Rejected Me (1)

Chapter 419: Xu Weilai Was the One Who Rejected Me (1)

Gu Xue desperately wanted to walk over to support Xu Weilai, but Rong Fanghua held her back and chided, “Xiao Xue, don’t cause any more trouble!”

Gu Xue was overwhelmed with anger and worry when she couldn’t break free from her mother’s grip. “Everything was fine until the darned Yun Rou appeared to stir things up!” she thought.

Xiao Chun was merely three steps away from Xu Weilai and was tempted to walk over to her but after she swept one glance at Yun Rou, her sense of impulse was drowned out by the complex and dark emotions within her. Eventually, she retracted her feet weakly and averted her gaze. She then grabbed a glass of wine from the long table beside her and drank it all in one gulp. . As she drank quickly, her face flushed red.

All along, Xu Weilai had never cared about what other people said of her. She was only concerned about Gu Yu’s opinion.

She was currently in an extremely awkward situation and had once again become the laughing stock. Although she was even told to leave, she remained rooted to the spot, for Yun Rou was not the only one who was waiting for Gu Yu’s answer. She was also waiting.

While she wasn’t as confident as Yun Rou and could not predict Gu Yu’s choice, she persevered when she recalled how well he had treated her over the past few days.

There was a moment of silence in the hall as everyone held their breaths and stared at Gu Yu who never made a single comment throughout.

At last, he looked up at Yun Rou’s smiling face coldly and indifferently. His lips curled up into a half-smile as he raised his hands and reached for her.

At that moment, it seemed as if there was already an outcome and that what Yun Rou had said was indeed true — Gu Yu would choose her. It was only natural for a prince to be with a princess instead of a wicked, vicious witch.

Xu Weilai gradually focused her attention and clenched her fists tightly on either side of her body while she waited for the final moment of truth.

Mr. and Mrs. Xu’s faces had already turned pale. The Xu family’s reputation would be completely ruined after today. It would sink to the bottom of the abyss and they would become an utter joke.

If they had known that this would happen, they would never have allowed Xu Weilai to return. “She might as well have stayed abroad. What a jinx!” they thought.

The reporters were all waiting with bated breaths to capture how blissful Gu Yu and Yun Rou would be and to give a closeup on the most embarrassing moment for Xu Weilai. The stark contrast between the two photos would certainly lead to an explosion in readership tomorrow.

Just when Gu Yu was about to touch Yun Rou’s hand, much to everyone’s surprise, he snatched the microphone away from her instead.

In the next instant, he looked away from her aloofly and brushed past her to make his way to Xu Weilai. He then held her hand without any hesitation.

Yun Rou, the reporters and the guests were all dumbfounded.

Gu Yu wrapped his huge palms around Xu Weilai’s soft, tiny hand before he slowly interlocked his fingers with hers. His palms were slightly cold, but all that she could feel was a strong, burning sensation spreading from her palms and warming up her freezing body bit by bit.

When Gu Yu and Xu Weilai turned to face the crowd, his eyes were extremely cold as he looked at the crowd before him. Everyone could already feel a chill down their spines even before he even said anything.

Gu Yu then the emphasised his question clearly into the microphone, “Who told you that I was the one who rejected Xu Weilai three years ago?” His voice echoed throughout the hall.

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