My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again

Chapter 418 - I’m Willing to Return to Your Side (2)

Chapter 418: I’m Willing to Return to Your Side (2)

“Xu Weilai is a great pretender who is always unscrupulous and designing, that’s why she managed to deceive grandpa Gu, leading Grandpa Gu speak highly of her and even let Yu marry her. However, this wasn’t grandfather Gu or Yu’s fault. It was all because of Xu Weilai! The woman is so despicable and shameless! ”

Yun Rou’s voice, which had always been warm and soft, became harsh. At the same time, turned her gaze to Xu Weilai, causing the others to fall upon her as well.

The malicious looks of contempt, ridicule, and gloating directly came towards Xu Weilai. And Xu Weilai’s father and mother, who were standing in the crowd, were about to slip away embarrassedly.

“Originally, since Yu will get married, I shouldn’t disturbed him any longer. After all, I was the one who abandoned him first. I could totally understand he was reluctant to forgive me, and I have never expected that he will forgive me and get close to me again! ”

“However, Yu has no affection for Xu Weilai at all. Their marriage was just a plot hatched by Xu Weilai, and the reason why Yu indulged her was just because of me! ”

“Only in this way could Yu test if he is still in my heart,and only in this way would I be able to let go of all my worries and move towards him again.”

When Yun Rou said this, a hint of shyness appeared in her eyes. “Even if in everyone’s eyes, I’m a proud and confident pianist, I will still be weak and have low self-esteem in love, especially when facing an extremely outstanding man like Yu! ”

“But now, I can feel the courage that he has given me. He has been waiting for me for so many years and even approached me actively, so I’ve mustered up my courage. I also hope that everyone can be a witness for Yu and me! ”

Yun Rou turned around and walked in front of Gu Yu. The position she was standing at was exactly where Mr. Gu Sr. was standing just now, right between Gu Yu and Xu Weilai.

She raised her head with her beautiful eyes filled with affection and her pretty face was beaming with happiness. She opened her red lips and said word by word, “Yu, I give up. Let me return to your side. I don’t want to be a princess on stage anymore. I just want to be your princess. ”

To be honest, Yun Rou’s words were so wonderful that it was like watching a TV series. Every word and sentence of her hooked in everyone’s heart.

The most beautiful pianist was willing to overcome reserve and confess in public for the sake of love. She must deep in love with Gu Yu.

If everything was just as Yun Rou said that there was true love between Yun Rou and Gu Yu, then Xu Weilai was just a vicious woman who made troubles everywhere. She thought she was very smart, but she didn’t know that she was just a pawn for Gu Yu.

Once Gu Yu and Yun Rou reconciled, this farce would be over. The Gu family’s reputation would no longer be damaged. The only one who would be scorned, despised, and insultd was Xu Weilai!

It was the logic everyone could understand. Yun Rou believed that a smart as Gu Yu, he would know what he would do next.

She had made such a big deal out of it. Taking the risk of stepping on the Gu family’s face was also a gamble for herself. Even though she was very sure that Gu Yu would choose her, she wanted to throw Xu Weilai into hell once and for all!

She took pity on her before and made her initiate the divorce, but she refused. So she have to pay the price for what she had said!

Gu Xiong had walked to Xu Weilai’s side and said in a hushed voice, “Xu Weilai, get the hell out of here. Don’t stand here to embarrass yourself! ”

Xu Weilai didn’t even look at him as if she hadn’t heard his words. Her clear black and white eyes crossed Yun Rou’s shoulder and stared at Gu Yu’s expressionless face.


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