My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again

Chapter 417 - I’m Willing to Return to Your Side (1)

Chapter 417: I’m Willing to Return to Your Side (1)

The reporters and guests subconsciously turned towards the person who was speaking and saw Yun Rou, who was standing by the entrance in a bright red dress that made her look beautiful and dazzling. She smiled elegantly and lifted her dress up before she made her way towards the centre of the crowd in her stilettos.

Everyone subconsciously made way for her and tracked her with their eyes until she stopped in front of Gu Yu. She swept one glance at his handsome face with her charming eyes before she turned to face the crowd.

Yun Rou had a very positive image as she had brought glory to the country through her great achievements in piano and also participated in all sorts of charity work recently. She often interacted with members of the media and had always been very cooperative with them. She would even treat them to a meal every time after an event ended.

Thus, the reporters would certainly show respect for what she had to say. The reporters immediately stopped their fanatical behaviour and directed their microphones and cameras at Yun Rou.

Zhou Meiqi was the first to ask, “Miss Yun Rou, what do you want to say?”

All along, Gu Yu eyes remained fixed on Mr. Gu Sr. and never once looked at Yun Rou. After he checked on Mr. Gu Sr.’s condition calmly and realised that Mr. Gu Sr. was probably just momentarily overwhelmed with anger, instructed Lin and Assistant Lin in a deep voice, “Take Grandpa upstairs to rest. Don’t let anyone disturb him anymore.”

They nodded and immediately helped Mr. Gu Sr. to his feet.

Gu Yu’s gaze then landed on Xu Shuai. Without waiting for Gu Yu to say anything, Xu Shuai assured, “I’ll call and get the doctor to come over right now. Don’t worry.”

Yun Rou had already begun to speak while Gu Yu was dealing with this matter.

“Dear reporters, thank you all for giving me the chance to speak for respecting what I have to say. I’m extremely honored and thus, I shall cut the pleasantries.”

Yun Rou stood there with elegance and sincerity. Her grace was so charming that it was as if she was holding her personal concert and one could not help but listen to what she had to say. The commotion from before died down significantly.

“Today, I’m here to tell everyone one thing and that is… I’m was actually the previous mistress of the Gu family. I was the daughter-in-law who was personally chosen by Gu Yu’s mother.”

The crowd had already calmed down but after she disclosed such a shocking news, it sparked off a second round of commotion.

Everyone knew that Xu Weilai was previously engaged to Gu Yu, but nobody had anticipated Yun Rou to also have a prior engagement with him. For a moment, the crowd found it hard to process the information that was bombarded at them one after another.

From the moment Yun Rou appeared, Xu Weilai could already tell that she was likely the mastermind behind today’s farce.

In the past, Yun Rou was bold enough to order her to back off and even though Yun Rou’s lie had already been exposed previously, she did not seem the least defeated when they bumped into each other at the entrance of the SPA. “Since she actually dares to make an appearance when Grandpa is announcing me as the new mistress of the Gu family, she must have a strong backing,” Xu Weilai thought.

While Xu Weilai formed some conjectures, she never would have imagined Yun Rou to be the daughter-in-law whom Gu Yu’s mother personally chose for him. “So she actually obtained the approval of Gu Yu’s mother?” Xu Weilai wondered.

Yun Rou paused for half a minute to give the audience some time to gasp in shock before she continued, “Back then, I left Yu for the sake of pursuing my dreams of performing on the best possible stage. Yu was heartbroken as a result and this gave Xu Weilai the chance to come between us!”

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