My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again

Chapter 416 - She Wants to Exact Revenge on the Gu Family (2)

Chapter 416: She Wants to Exact Revenge on the Gu Family (2)

Reporter 1: “Oh my God, so horrible Xu Weilai was! It’s a shame that I thought the news she wrote was so righteous that I revere her as an ideal, but she turned out to be a evil!”

Guest A: “Such a good daughter taught by the Xu family. She’s really a ruthless character. Whoever she has her eye on is really rotten luck. No wonder the Gu family wanted to break off the engagement three years ago! ”

Reporter 2: “Does Mr. Gu Sr. and Mr. Gu know her purpose? Do they still want to accept such a woman to be the Gu family’s mistress? Are they just standing by to watch her destroy the Gu family? ”

Guest B: “I think Mr. Gu Sr. knows. He always praises Xu Weilai. He tells everyone how beautiful Xu Weilai is and how well-matched she and his grandson. He extols her to the skies. Do you think whether Xu Weilai has drugged him, or he is really senile? ”

Guest C added his voice, “That’s right. Mr. Gu Sr. called to invite us one by one, which is enough to prove how highly he thinks of Xu Weilai as his granddaughter-in-law. It even seems that Mr. Gu Sr. himself is in his prime and will get engaged. Hahaha… ”

Whispers passed along, and later they even started discussing about that publicly. In the end, What they were mocking was not merely Xu Weilai but Gu Yu, Mr. Gu Sr. , even the entire Gu family.

The Gu family was so far removed from the masses and reality that they couldn’t catch up to them, so they couldn’t help but want to pull it down and drag it into hell. Seeing it fall to the bottom of the valley, they felt even happier!

As a centenary gentlefolk, the Gu family standed high in the public estimation. It had always been the object of admiration of all the families. But they never expected that one day, it would become a joke in the eyes of everyone!

As the family head, it was Mr. Gu Sr.’s vital responsibility to protect the family’s reputation. How could he allow others to mock the Gu family so wantonly? He angrily smashed the crutch in his hand onto the ground to scold them for their nonsense. However he already suffered hypertensive, and when the anger hit him, he couldn’t stand it, and his whole body fell straight backwards!

“Grandpa ”

“Grandpa Gu!”

Shocked gasps rang out through the public. Gu Yu quickly held onto Mr. Gu Sr.’s body to prevent him from falling. Old Lin, Assistant Lin, Xu Shuai, Xiao Chun, and the rest of the Gu family also went over to help him.

Xu Weilai was about to step forward subconsciously as well, buts uddenly she got a push in her shoulder with such violence . She was totally unprepared that tottered a little.

When she rairsed up, it was Gu Xiong, who was extremely indignant . He was staring at Xuweilai with a face of gloomy thunder and said in disgust, “Don’t touch the Grandpa Gu. Do you still think that you haven’t angered him enough? Do you still think that you haven’t embarrassed the Gu family enough? ”

Xu Weilai stood rooted to the ground, her hands hanging by her sides clenching tightly. Her gaze passed through the crowd and saw the extremely Pale face of the old master Gu. Her fingertips trembled violently.

All these years, the humiliation she had suffered had already made her impervious to poison. To be honest, the reporters’ words could not hurt her, but… the Gu family had lost all face because of her. Grandfather Gu, who loved her the most, was so angry that he fell to the ground, and Gu Yu… the extremely proud man was also treated as a joke by others.

In the past, because of her alone, her family had been laughed at for three years. Now… was it the Gu family’s turn again?

As he thought about it, Xu Weilais hands trembled even more violently.

The fall of old master Gu made the reporters even crazier. They kept snapping pictures, wanting to capture old master Gu’s miserable state to make headlines.

The bodyguards who had rushed over wanted to stop them, but there were too many guests and they were afraid of hurting them. Their movements were restricted everywhere, and the scene instantly became extremely chaotic.

At this moment, a gentle and pleasant voice suddenly sounded through the microphone and spread throughout the entire hall. “Dear reporters, please do me a fovour and listen to me first? “

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